36 chowringhee

Hopping on the Roads of Shopping Markets of India is nothing less than going on an adventure. Streets of the Indian Markets are the busiest of all – rendering every adventure which you did not expect. Buzzing with people, it has all which can be rendered as the limelight of the Chowringhee Lane. It tends to be engraved with the footsteps of the people as early as 10 o, clock in the morning and goes on till late in the evening. Keychains, dolls, souvenirs, western music, dresses, shoes and costumes – all are there.

Location : Known as Chowringhee Lane, the Market 36 Chowringee Lane can be easily reached either by Metro or by Bus. The Local Cabs with the Yellow Painted roofs and Black Bodies are the other better source of reaching Chowringhee. If you in Calcutta in the Summers – March end to July beginning, then its best to take the Metro to avoid Chaos. Kolkatta is famous for its Traffic Jams, so if possible, travel by Metro Rail.

Fast Facts

  • City Name – Kolkatta (Bengal)
  • Market Name – 36 Chowringhee Lane
  • Famed For – Clothes, Shoes and Bengali Souvenirs
  • Language Spoken – Hindi, English, Bengali
  • Best Time to Visit – November to February

Shopping Spree in 36 Chowringhee Lane:

» Indian Museum – If the list of the most famous Museums can be drawn, then the name of the Indian Museum will come in it. With five floors to its book, it takes a minimum of three days to see the entire Indian Museum. Largely classified into various categories, the Indian Museum is very near to the Chowringhee Lane.

» Govt. School of Arts and Crafts – With a number of visitors into its books, this place is for the people who are interested in Arts and Crafts works. For those who are least interested in these works, it a new thing they can see .

Not to be Missed

Victoria Memorial– The Giant Memorial, made in the Honour of the Queen Victoria, is a place worth visiting. With large halls and high Rising Roofs, its one of the best displays of the English/ British Architecture in India. And don’t forget to take a ride on the Tonga outside the Victoria Memorial, which takes you around the Memorial for a nominal price of Rs 50/- only.

Our Suggestions

  • Purchasing in Chowringhee Lane is a different experience. While you can find all sorts of goods here, the people selling them too are interesting to talk with.
  • Bargain always, until and unless you are in a Showroom. You will be surprised how much difference you can make.
  • Its the best place to buy – clothes, books and Music. Shoes too can be of relevance.
  • The Festival Time like Deepawali / Durga Puja, New Year and the Sarswati Puja can attract a lot of discounts being offered by the Companies.