Body Piercing in India

Nose piercing and ear piercing have been a part of the culture and tradition in India,Though nose piercing didn’t originate in India, it was bought to India in from the Middle East. Nose piercing is very attractive, In India usually ring is worn in left side. Piercing of other parts of body comes from Western culture. Septum piercing is also in culture of Rajasthan states of India.

Nowadays piercing of other parts of body is gradually increasing and is  socially acceptable in India.North India is on fire to promote this hot trends in India. Delhi and Mumbai girls has no fear to pierced her body parts. Many celebrities and models  have their body pierced.

Actually the style of body piercing comes from the tribal society at the beginning. We can find various kinds of body piercing in the tribes all over the world. Tribes of many small islands in the Pacific have many facials piercing, like ears, nose, cheeks and even throat piercing. In India, ear and nose piercing is a year old tradition. It is also a tradition in Middle East also.

Body Piercing in India 2

In some communities people get pierced when they leave home and get married. Nose studs are signs of marriage for women in Muslim community. Piercing signify a near and dear person’s death in many communities.

Most common pierced body parts are ear lobes. Nose piercing is also common in many countries. But today’s teens are getting more adventurous. They loved to do experiment. Eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing etc are very popular among “generation-y”.

Year old nose studs and nose rings are coming back with a new look and style. Bollywood actresses are also getting weak with diamond sparkling nose studs. Because of this, it finds a place in the western World with Eastern World. On the other hand, nose rings are very popular among teens. Diamond nose ring of Sania Mirza, a tennis player became the talk of the tinsel town in India. Now her style becomes the trend of Indian youth. There are various types of nose studs and nose rings in the Market.