Have you ever Shopped in a Thieves Market without being caught? If you haven’t ever – then here is the chance to be in one of the most famous markets of Delhi – the Chor Bazar. This unique Thieves Market, situated in Old Delhi, it has all the sorts of hardware and kitchen wares coming to this market.

From the Electronic Items to the Designer Clothes all can be found in this Market – with Patent or without Patent. All sorts of Items make their way here and all the buyings from this market are legalised. Once you enter the Chor Bazar, there is nothing which cannot be found here. Items come cheap with the lifeline short. Some can also be good ones – but it is upto the buyer who is buying the stuff. No Guarantors or Warrantors here. Only the Verbal Assurance and the past experience of the Local Buyers work in the Chor Bazar. It is upto you, if you want to go by their word or not.


Location : Chor Bazar is located in the Old Delhi. Just near the Red Fort and Lala Lajpat Rai Nagar Market, there is this, one stop shop market called the Chor Market. It can be easily reached by taking the local transportation or a cab/ own vehicle. Once you enter the market, its better to walk on foot.

Fast Facts

  • City Name – Old Delhi
  • Market Name – Chor Bazar (Thieves Market)
  • Famed For – All sorts of Hardware and Electronic Items. Clothes and Artificial Jewellery too are found.
  • Language Spoken – Hindi, English
  • Best Time to Visit – November to February

Shopping Spree in Chor Bazar:

» Meena Bazar– This Market opened by Noor Jahan for the ladies, still stands today; though the look and the products sold here have changed with the time. Perfumes, Artificial Jewellery, Leather Products, Souvenirs and Traditional Dresses are the main attractions of Meena Bazar.

» Chor Bizarre– Indias first ISO 2002 Restaurant, Chor Bizarre has the best laid out for its customers. With the miniature Vintage Car and the old age table and chairs, candles and light music adding to the ambiance, Chor Bizarre makes for a perfect place after a hefty shopping day. Lunch and the Dinner are best served here with the Kashmiri Food at its best. All Air Conditioned it serves both the Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian Food.

Not to be Missed

Dara Shikoh Library– Dara Shikoh Library is the part of Department of Archeology. Built by Emperor Shaha Jehans liberal intellectual son and chosen successor, Dara Shikoh. When Dara Shikoh was killed by his Brother Aurengzeb, the property of Dara Shikoh passed on to the hands of Britishers.

Our Suggestions

  • In Chor Bazar, whatever you buy, buy on your own. There are no Guarantees and Warranties.
  • All kinds of Hardwares and Softwares can be found in Chor Bazar. Old, rare and the first editions of the new books can also be found in Chor Bazar.
  • Chor Bazar is a market which has to be covered by foot. So its better to park your vehicle in the Parking Lot provided for shoppers.
  • There are very Good Restaurants and Average Restaurants.
  • In Chor Bazar, majorly Indian and Chinese Food is served.