Wearing the right kind of shoes can enhance your appearance a great deal. Shoes always form an important accessory and with a wide range of styles available, people have begun to experiment much more with their shoes. However there are a few timeless classics that a woman must have in her shoe rack.

A classic black pair of shoes that are dressy with medium heels will go with any outfit. You can wear it to dress up a simple outfit at work or for a night out on the town. Having a black pair will ensure that it matches any outfit. Opt for kitten heels or pumps, whichever you are comfortable in.

Casual sandals with low heels are extremely comfortable to wear. They give your feet a relaxed feeling and help you go about doing your daily chores with ease.

Footwear inspired by architectural influences is on the anvil and 2013 could witness sky-scraper heels, Flatforms (evolved version of platforms), sculptural shapes and architectonic forms leaving their indelible footprints. Embellishments will include buckles, braids and pops of colour, some influenced by ethnic inspirations and prints like batik. Colour blocking is another technique that might be popular. Mix and match of material will create a variety in the look of the shoes such as metallic colour paired with cork or jute, or fabric and patent combinations.

Gladiator Sandals

Brought back straight from the coliseums of Rome, the strappy Gladiator sandals have taken the fashion world by storm.

Cap-Toe Heels

No matter what the time, space or occasion, heels will always make their presence felt. And this time it’s the very feminine Cap-Toe Heel. A perfect mélange of the front of pumps and the back of stilettos.

Ankle Boots

A bit of an edit and an added heel in the men’s shoe design market led to the making of the Ankle Boot. The perfect formal looking footwear, ankle boots are slick, shiny and very chic.


The classic Pumps never really went out of style but today, their omnipresence is hard to ignore. Everyone from celebs to moms to teachers has a pair and they’re choosing to wear them to the plushest of places.

Yellow Shoes

The focus has shifted from the yellow bikini to the Yellow Shoe; and there’s no greater evidence about it than the streets of Hollywood.