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Talking about jewelry manufacturing in India is as good as talking about handmade jewelry in India. A major chunk of jewelry in the country is made by independent craftsmen. Traditionally also, a significant part of jewelry manufacturing has been handmade jewelry. Big and feudal families used to have their personal jewelers, who would entertain their demand. These jewelers were expected to design ornaments, keeping in mind the individual needs and desires of customers.

Though the old pattern is shattering and new trend of full-fledged jewelers have come up, the traditional patterns are still followed in rural areas. In case of occasions such as weddings, jewelry is often specially designed to match perfectly with the wedding outfit. The major USP of handmade jewelry is they are really aesthetic and hold a lot of appeal. Mastery of craftsman shines through the jewel, in the form of myriad designs, which is most admirable.

Handmade Indian jewelry was composed mostly of beads. Intricate beadwork patterns were carefully handcrafted. There were many different Native American tribes and each tribe had their own style of Indian jewelry. Many of the items used to make Indian jewelry were beads, silver, ivory, amber, and copper. Once colonization began, trade for other items began and many Native Americans began to learn forms of metalworking that previously was unknown to them. The Native Americans began to learn more forms of jewelry making and began trading for newer items that could be incorporated into their pieces as well.

Handmade jewelry is an interactive process, where customer and craftsman sit in front of each other and decide on the design and pattern to be followed. This also asks for great deal of planning and re-planning, like finalizing designs, stones, metal and other embellishments and intricacies. Even during the process of making these ornate handmade trinkets, there are frequent consultations so that any required changes may be incorporated into the ornament.