Indian Council of Social Science Research Library, Delhi is a library founded in 1969, which is a part of National Social Science Documentation Center (NASDOC), established to provide library facility to Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). The library is a member of International Federation of Library Associations, (IFLA), Delnet, Inflibnet, Asia Pacific Information Network in the Social Sciences.


The library receives financial assistance from the Government of India. The library has 1300 subscriptions.


Collections of ICSSR LIBRARY:

The library possesses a whopping collection of 150,000 volumes of periodicals on Social Science coupled with collections of doctoral papers and research papers

Working Hours of ICSSR Library:

It is open from 9.30 am to 6 pm. ICSSR library is open on all days of the week except Sunday. The research scholars from abroad are also entitled to avail the membership after seeking permission from ICSSR.

Facilities offered by ICSSR Library:

The library offers the following facilities:
National Registrar of Social Scientists: This provides a storehouse of information on the publishers, the research thesis, research backgrounds, etc. The library also provides consultancy services in the processing of data dealing with research assignments. A list of books are prepared for the erudite scholars at subsidized rates by the library. Not only does it keep an account of the indexes of various political and economical periodicals, the library also shares its resources with other libraries. ICSSR library provides the members information about the conferences in India and abroad on Social Science. It also allows members to use the computer database , CDROMS and e- mail through Delnet.

Reference and Reading Room is the Central Unit of the ICSSR library. Library is kept open from 9.30 A.M. to 6 P.M. on all working days (i.e. Monday through Saturday).

It has a rich collection of reference sources, bibliographies, 5,200 doctoral theses, 3,100 research project reports (funded by the ICSSR) and 12,500 books and documents.
This includes books on social science research methodology and also subjects like economics, political science, sociology, psychology, computer and information technology etc. It also has working papers, seminar papers etc. The library also keeps priced and non-priced publications of ICSSR including those, for which, the Council has provided publication grants.