Best known as one of the most challenging sport, Parasailing is harnessing in a parachute and swinging into sky, a little high above the below waving boat and the beach or jumping off a very steep hill to be able to fly in the wind, enjoying the man made and the natural beauty.
Being at a height a of 1000 ft or so, above the ocean trying to touch the sky and landing in the sea is a different experience in all.

The Parasailing Pack

The Parasailing Equpiments mainly consist of a Glider, which in its inflated form offers resistance to the wind and the air. Then there is a harness which is attached to the paraglider and the pilot for safety purpose. A helmet and a extra parachute is there for the safety and the emergency landing of the pilot. VARIOMETER is the main instrument for gaugingthe ascent and the descent of the pilot.

Types Of Parasailing

In India, mainly three type of Parasailing are the most popular ones:

Winchboat Parasailing : In this sort of Parasailing the ascent and descent of the parasailor takes place from the boat itself. The boat in the sea is well equipped with parasailing equipments. It has a parasail inflation system and hydraulic winch powered by the main drive engine. These two help in launching and retriving the parasailorfrom the flight deck.

Beach Parasailing : As the name suggests the beach is the main ground for the ascent and descent of the parasailor. It is much more complicated than the Winchboat Parasailing. Even the most experienced parasailors are not approved for this without prior permission.

Platform Parasailing : In this sort of ParaSailing one flies under the winds which are below 5 to 15 mph, away from rough ocean and poor weathe conditions and other things close to proximity.

Places For Parasailing In India

Bikaner , Daundeli, Matheran are some of the places which are best known as Parasailing grounds in India. Here is a list of the popular Parasailing places India —

  • Nilgiri Hills South India
  • Gangtok Himalayas
  • Darjeeling Himalayas
  • Auli Uttaranchal
  • Sansar Himachal Pradesh
  • Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh
  • Kullu Himachal Pradesh
  • Matheran Maharashtra
  • Bedni Bugyal Kumaon
  • Naukutchiyatal Nainita
  • Lahaul & Spiti HP

What To Take

There are certain dangers while on a Parasailing which one should remember .

  • Don’t parasail in the winds more than 15mph.
  • If the parasail rotates more than 45 degrees in the air, the safety pin should be pulled before the canopy can spill its air and drop the sailor.
  • You, the parasailor must wear a life vest, as the harness is too heavy to swim in.
  • Provide emergency numbers and the number of the person whom they can contact.
  • Ground assistants must hold the guidelines evenly or the parasail will take off in a diagonal direction.
  • Pick up the parasailor and equipment in the safety boat and return to shore to launch again.