Rap is the latest Trend in Indian Music

After remixes, every Bollywood movie these days has a rap or a hip hop number. Think the title track of Delhi-6 in Hindi rap and a folk song Genda Phool in the same movie, which has a groovy hip hop beat. The trend is even bigger down south.According to rap singer Baba Sehgal, the industry hasn’t understood the concept. “Setting some vague lyrics to a hip hop beat doesn’t make it a rap song,” says Baba, adding, “Many still believe that weaving words like ‘pump it up’ and ‘jump in the air’ into hip hop tunes will give a rap song.

Other composers and singers who’ve worked on the genre agree that a successful rap song needs sensible lyrics. “True hip hop and rap are about messages and serious things can be said through rap,” says rapper BlaaZe, who has sung for Sivaji and the Delhi-6 title track.
Composer Shankar Mahadevan says the industry fails to recognise this. “Now, hip hop and rap are being used as fillers when a composer can’t come up with lyrics or tunes,” says Shankar, who composed the Johnny Gaddaar song. Baba, though, says that the industry has some good rappers. “We use only 4-5 elements of rap, but we have good rappers like Hard Kaur and BlaaZe,” says Baba, who has done Sexy Mama in 13B.

It’s hip hop

“It was when AR Rahman started composing rap that hip hop and rap became serious sounds to hear,” says BlaaZe, adding, “In these genres, the scope to experiment is great. Also, our music directors find it the best way to tell a story.”
Composer Vishal Dadlani believes it’s a youth thing. “That’s why we had to include Right Here, Right Now in Bluffmaster,” he says.
A lot of Tamil songs also use rap and hip hop. Music directors like Dharan and Yuvan Shankar Raja have given hits like O Nenjae, Gangsta and some numbers in the upcoming Sarvam, Pudhupettai and Silambattam; there are also songs like Kasumelae and Naaka Mukka. Dharan says down south, the genre has evolved big-time. “In the time of Prabhu Deva, it was just colloquial rap in desi music. Then, we moved on to using rap with hip hop,” says Dharan, who’s just finished the song Gangsta in Tamil and Telugu. “In my previous projects, I’ve used Mexican hip hop beats. But for Gangsta, I concentrated on the accent and used ancient Tamil words to give it a local flavour,” explains Dharan. Yuvan adds that this makes southern songs different from Bollywood beats. But Dharan says Bollywood has gone one step further by collaborating with Pussycat Dolls and Snoop Dogg for Hindi rap. “We are yet to reach that level” . Indian Youth loves Yoo Yoo Honey Singh Rap songs .These rap songs are listen anywhere in Iindia.