Tatooing trend

Tattooing has been one of the trendiest ways to give a face-lift to your personality. Tattoos or body art is the hot and latest fashion in India. Now a days every youngsters getting tattoos done on the various part of body, it becomes profession for the artist. Many beginner artists  are purchasing equipment to become a tattoo artist. Tattoo can be temporary of permanent it depends. Tattoo or  Body art is not new in India, Indian used Mehandi or Heena for tattoo hands & feets, its temporary but effective for more than a month.

Tatooing trend in india

Some time back tattoos are usually associated with lower cast or tribal people but now its become trends and a tribal fashion for youngsters and Bollywood stars. Bollywood is one of the major factor to promote body piercing and tattoos in India. Most painful spot for a tattoo based on the body location.

However, with the rising demand of tattooing, it have the risk factors and the safety concerns as well, one such being skin infections. Its not necessary that every person, who impressed tattoos will suffer form skin infection but it can’t be ignore. Getting inked may be high on the must-do list of a lot of youngsters, but for Kanpurites who have been there, done that, it’s time to come clean, literally. After spending a considerable amount of money to get their tattoos, an increasing number of city folk are emptying their pockets to get rid of them. The trend can be attributed to family pressure or an attempt at being taken seriously at work.

The traditional tattoo makers use relatively cheaper ink while creating marks of tattoo on the skin. As it has been observed, it brings harmful effects in course of time. The modern practitioners of tattoo make use of imported ink, which is herbal and the mark is created after much deliberation on the skin of the persons. At first, design is prepared from the original image with the help of the computer. Then the design gets stenciled and skillfully the mark is made on the skin of the person. The tattoo machine used to make the marks on the bodies is safer and it does not produce any harmful effect on the skin. The tattoo produced on the skin can go in to three layers. The first layered mark lasts up to one year, while the second and third layered tattoos last permanently.

For centuries, ‘Tattooing’ the body has stayed a dominant form of self-expression. “Tattooing is nothing but imprinting the frescos of time on the human skin. The designs, which speak silently and evoke emotions, continue to live on as an art, practiced almost in every nation across the world”