Tryst comes across as a very young and a vibrant venture hence the duo joined hands with DJ Bunty Arora (aka B-Projekt) . Bunty’s experience with music & lights give Tryst the international look & feel. With lighting systems like this Tryst becomes India’s first Interactive LED lighting system.

Unpretentious and ultra modern, Tryst is here! Tryst is an honest experiment in futuristic interiors with lots of glass, mirror and the unmissable blanket of hi-tech lights. The lighting is a first time concept in Mumbai, with cool technology like reaction to human voice, beat synchronization and expression through 16 million colors. Tryst is keen on private tables and enclosures; each comes with a private butler and security . Mini screens embedded in the tables welcome you as your steward brings you your preferred drink. A 27 foot long, creatively constructed bar, besides a smaller bar is accessible to guests serving signature Tryst cocktails. A large variety of inventive appetizers are also available from the kitchen. The club entertains guests with popular dance anthems and international club music like Hip-Hop, RnB and varied genres of house music. The Club reverberates with a distinct energy stemming from the ambience created by the unique lighting and upbeat music.

This month-old nightclub replaced Play, which in turn replaced Ra at Phoenix Mills. Done-up in the theme-of-the-moment (LED lights—16 million of them!), Tryst keeps entry via guest list only. While the club has a common dance floor, they’ve built eight VIP tables across three levels (deck, den, hexagon) where an order of Moet or Dom will get you a complimentary platter of strawberries with fresh cream, a butler and a bouncer to call your own. Tryst has three decks, with a table each, which can seat up to 10 people. Each of the tables works on a minimum billing system of Rs30,000. The two dens, placed on either side of the DJ console, can seat up to 25 people, are fitted with flat screens (with personalised greetings fed into them), and cost Rs40,000. The hexagons (a fancy term for hexagon-shaped tables) can accommodate up to 15 people each, are are priced at Rs50,000. The King is the most exclusive table in the club, located in the centre of the dance floor. It can seat up to 20 people and is priced at Rs1 lakh. When booking any of the VIP tables, it helps to have a reference (an owner or “friend” of the nightclub), otherwise be prepared to answer a bunch of questions (age, male to female ratio, etc), and the possibility of having to meet the manager in person.