Types of Body-Piercing

Some popular and fashionable types of piercing are 1.Nose piercing 2.lip piercing 3. Navel piercing 4.Eyebrow piercing 5.Tongue Piercing 6.Septum piercing 7. Bridge piercing 8. Nipple Piercing 9.Hip Piercings 10. Tragus –Piercing

Ear and Nose Piercing

Ear piercing has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. Earrings are also referenced in connection to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi in the Vedas. Most common pierced body parts are ear lobes. Nose piercing is also common in many countries. But today’s teens are getting more adventurous.

Tongue rings and lip Piercing

Types of Lip_Piercings

Tongue rings and lip rings are becoming trendy among other body piercing jewelry. A tongue ring is visible when a person talks to other. It can make exotic, adorable impression with your words. Person with a lip ring can easily indicate the person’s adventurous nature. Today’s generation is ready to accept all the challenge to be adventurous about any fashion trend.

Navel piercing

One of the latest entries in body piercing jewelry is navel ornaments. There are many kinds of navel ornaments, like-belly rings, belly buttons, bent barbells, dangling navel rings etc. All these can be finding with colored beads, which is very popular among the women youth. Navel ornaments with bare mid drifts and crop tops create a stunning, nice looks, which has an erotic effect also. This style is a craze from film stars to common people in new age. Navel ornaments with blinking, color-changing flashers are hot favorite now.

Nipple and Genital Piercing

However, records do exist that refer to practices of nipple and genital piercing in various cultures prior to the 20th century. Kama Sutra, dated to the Gupta Empire of Ancient India, describes genital piercing to permit sexual enhancement by inserting pins and other objects into the foreskin of the penis. The Dayak tribesmen of Borneo passed a shard of bone through their glans for the opposite reason, to diminish their sexual activity

Eyebrow Piercing

The most popular facial piercing is eyebrow piercing, especially among the men. Eyebrow ring and eyebrow studs are eyebrow-piercing jewelry. These are very popular and setting a trend in young male. We can find eyebrow piercing among films and TV characters, even in real characters. Not only the boys, are girls also getting weak with this trendy jewelry.

Tattoo and piercing shops in India

There are currently around 40 tattoo and piercing shops listed in India. Most of them are in Delhi.Here is list of few tattoos and piercing shops in India.