Zipline Tour

Have you ever imagined that you can also fly in the sky, between the woods, over the rivers and valleys like super heroes? Sounds crazy? But yes it’s possible if you try your hand at this amazing adventurous sport called Zip-lining. It is one of the most popular aerial sports which give you the pleasure of flying between hills, forts, jungles and ridge tops.

Here are few of them:

1) Neemrana Fort – Delhi

Neemrana Fort, which is 100 km from Delhi International Airport, is an amazing place for zip-lining. It is one of India’s oldest heritage hotels but apart from admiring the ancient suits of armour and peering over the battlements of the fifteenth century Neemrana Fort Palace, you can definitely enjoy a thrilling and exciting aerial ride between the hill forts and ridge tops, above and around the Fort, take a tour of the Aravalli Hills, over valleys, battlements and vestiges using zip lines.

2) Kikar Lodge – Punjab

You may also try the aerial adventure at Kikar Lodge which is located in the village of Nurpur Bedi, 1 hour 45 minutes away from Chandigarh, Punjab. It involves zipping through wires 180 to 400 metres long, separated by short walks. The total length of the zip line is 1.5 km, which is recognised as the longest zip line in Asia. You can relish the experience of soaring over the valleys covered by forests.

3) Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

If you want to try your hand at zipping then you should definitely visit the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, which is the highest fort in India. Situated at an altitude of 400 ft above the ground, it is the largest fort of Rajasthan. This place can offer various high-adrenaline activities to sport enthusiasts..

4) Kerwa Dam – Bhopal

Planning for a zip line ride in Bhopal? Come to Kerwa Dam. It offers the longest twin zip in Asia. Zipping is a recent addition to the adventure sports around the city. The ride begins from a 20 ft high hill top and crosses over the Kerwa Lake. If you are a nature lover then you will be delighted by the variety of flora and fauna near the launch platform, the astonishing panoramic views of the area

5) Mussoorie Adventure Park : Uttrakhand

In the Mussoorie Adventure Park you will be served with India’s first wild life zipping experience, the splendid views of the beautiful dense forests of devdar, oak, rhodendrons and the Mussoorie wild life sanctuary. You will cherish the memories of flying at a speed of 90 km/ hour, through a zip line which is 800 ft long and 600 ft in height.

Zip lining attracts a huge number of adventure sport lovers to the Indian forts throughout the year. The scenic view of the Himalayas, the forests, the water bodies adds to the delightful experience of zipping. This activity requires physical strength, stamina and loads of enthusiasm. So if you are ready to soar high above the hills, forts and jungles like kites, take the plunge!