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Courtesy Photos. Q: I've been married to my husband for two years. Five months into our relationship before we got marriedhe confessed that he was an adult baby. I was so grossed out, I was literally ill. Why would this great guy want to be like this? I told him he would have to choose: diapers or me. He chose me. I believed him and married him.

Shortly before the birth of our child, I found out that he'd been looking at diaper porn online. I lost it. He apologized and said he'd never look at diaper porn again. Once I was free to have sex again after the birth, it was like he wasn't into it. When I asked what the deal was, he told me he wasn't into sex because diapers weren't involved. I broke down, and he agreed to talk to a counselor. But on the day we were supposed to go, he was mad about every little thing I did and then said he wasn't going! I went crazy and called his mom and told her everything, and she said she found a diaper under his bed when he was seven!

After this crisis, he agreed to work things abdl kink, but then I found adult-size diapers in the house—and not for the first time! I took a picture and sent it to him, and he told me that he was tired of me controlling him and he is going to do this when he wants. He also said he was mad at me for telling his mom.

I told him no, absolutely not, he cannot do this. Then I found adult-size diapers in the house again this morning and freaked out. He says he never wants to discuss diapers with me again, and I'm afraid he might choose them over me! Please give me advice on how to make him understand that this is not him!

This is who he chooses to be! And he doesn't have to be this way! Your husband's interest in diapers—which would seem to go all the way back to at least age seven—can't be described as mild. Now let's bring in a voice you rarely hear when diaper fetishists are being discussed: an actual diaper fetishist.

Sometimes it's a way for a person to disconnect from their adult life and become someone else. With DLs, they aren't necessarily into age play—they enjoy diapers and the abdl kink they feel, much like people enjoy rubber, Lycra, or other materials. And outing your husband to his mother was unforgivable and could ultimately prove to be a fatal-to-your-marriage violation of trust.

You're clearly not interested in understanding your husband's kink. Instead you've convinced yourself that if you pitch a big enough fit, your husband will choose a spouse who makes him feel terrible about himself over a kink that gives him pleasure.

And that's not how this is going to play out. Your husband told you he was into diapers before he married you—he laid his kink cards on the table at five months, long before you scrambled your DNA together—and he backed down when you freaked out. He may have thought he could choose you over his kink, MADDL, but now he knows what Ley could've told you two before the wedding: suppressing a kink just isn't possible.

So if you can't live with the diaper lover you married—if you can't accept his kink, allow him to indulge it on his own, and refrain from blowing abdl kink when you stumble onto any evidence—do that diaper-loving husband of yours a favor and divorce him. Q: I'm a year-old man, and for years I've practiced edging.

Recently I've experimented with long-term edges, where I'll withhold coming for days or weeks while still maintaining abdl kink daily masturbation practice. I love living on that horny edge, and I've even learned to love the ache in my balls. But is this safe? Chan School of Public Health found that men who masturbated at least 21 times per month—masturbated and ejaculated—were at lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ejaculated fewer than 21 times per month "Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer," European Urology.

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Abdl kink

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