Abf relationship stories

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City-based artist and illustrator Indu Harikumar made headlines in with her Indian Tinder Tales where she posted stories on the kind of relations one builds through dating apps.

Harikumar who regularly posts questions around sexuality, mental heath and relationships on social media, often has people writing to her about their personal experiences. It was during one such conversation with a stranger, who shared her struggles of being heavy breasted, that the artist decided to pursue her current crowd-sourced project — Identitty. Then I narrated my experience that I was skinny till After much deliberation, she took to Instagram inviting women to share stories around their breasts along with a picture.

Started in January, Harikumar has so far posted 15 such stories with colourful illustrations and just the initials of the name.

For now, she has more than 60 stories in her inbox. I did a project last year where I asked people to send me pictures and share stories of their favourite body part and I was taken aback with all the images. For all the illustrations, the artist asks the writers where they wish to be drawn and once she completes the painting, she sends them back for a review.

With a large chunk of women from India and abroad writing to her, Harikumar is quite surprised at women trusting her with their stories. Another story of a girl with a large breast size shared how at a young age she wore small sized bras to avoid the unwanted attention her breasts get and continues to not wear t-shirts.

She wanted to be drawn in a bedroom because that is where she feels the most powerful. What has happened over the time was not my intention. Mathura court dismisses Krishna Janmabhoomi petition. Natarajan's yorkers hit the spot, and his life story strikes a chord. Rashid dedicates his Man of the Match performance to his late mother — his biggest fan.

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Abf relationship stories

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