Ageplay definition

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However, I would argue that beyond that, the most important part of defining AgePlay is for you to individually define what it means to you. While there are pre-written definitions out there, I recommend creating a definition for age play that highlights what you do, a description of your Little self.

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AgePlay usually involves an individual pretending to be younger than they are, though that is not always the case. While most ageplayers will pretend to be a baby or young child, there are those who take on a teenage persona. More rarely, an ageplayer will assume the role of someone older than their biological age, such as an elderly person.

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Bigs or caretakers are ageplayers participating in an AgePlay dynamic, but most do not assume an age beyond their own. Realistically, it is quite possible for someone who is biologically older to be ageplaying as the younger person within the dynamic.

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AgePlay can be sexual or non-sexual in nature. For some it is a kink or a fetish, more commonly known as a paraphilia, but for many in the community it is a more innocent expression of self, a desire to relive parts of childhood or regain feelings of innocence. As you can see, AgePlay is a vast and diverse spectrum.

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