Am ia nymphomaniac

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Most healthy adults enjoy sexual activity. The physical and emotional rewards of sex are unparalleled. As enjoyable as it is, the drive for sex is usually tempered by other needs and responsibilities in life.

For people with sex addiction, however, the desire for sexual activity becomes a compulsion that is driven by obsessive thoughts and urges. During the process of sexual attraction, an array of hormones are released within the brain. These hormones, notably testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin play a key role in the addiction process for people with sex addiction.

Much like any addictive process, sex addiction is defined by a pattern of excess that has negative implications on the life of the person afflicted and their relationships.

Sex is a natural desire for most people, however, if this becomes impulsive and affects your daily life and relationship, it may am ia nymphomaniac time to reach out to a professional. Difficulty managing emotions and a pattern of using sexual behaviors as a form of self-medication are common causes, as well as childhood abuse or inappropriate exposure to sex at a young age. In addition to these potential factors, some people are simply more prone to addiction than others. Whether it is the addiction to alcohol, drugs, or behavioral addictions such as gambling or sex, the propensity for addiction starts within the brain and is often a genetic predisposition.

People who struggle with this condition spend a lot of time and mental energy on sexual fantasy and often feel a loss of control over their thoughts which brings distress. Sex addiction also brings with it feelings of guilt, shame and fear, which can become a part of the process that feeds the addiction. The impact of sex addiction can be devastating for the individual struggling with it as well as their loved ones. Common challenges that people with sex addiction face include:. Sex addiction is a treatable condition.

There are treatment options available that can meet the needs of adult and teen sex addicts who are at risk of harm as a result of this mental health challenge. If you are wondering how to help a sex addict or someone you know who may am ia nymphomaniac struggling with obsessive of compulsive sexual thoughts, help is available.

Highland Springs Clinic uses evidence-based practices and adheres strictly to laws of confidentiality so that people in the program can focus on healing. Highland Springs is proud of our many treatment modalities to help people with addiction recover and rebuild their lives. State of the art treatments such as DTMS therapy offers a non-invasive option that has shown direct for people with addiction challenges. Treatments modalities such as EMDR can help reduce symptoms related to traumatic life events to reduce suffering.

As healing begins, the inclusion of loved ones for family therapy will help create a well-rounded treatment experience. Highland Springs understands addiction and specializes in treatments that change lives. Contact A Therapist. She began working at Valley in and is a d clinical social worker. Rael enjoyed seeing the participants gain more skills and the confidence to move on to employment and further education.

After obtaining her LCSWshe transitioned to a team lead position that provided intense community treatment and outreach services for individuals needing more than traditional outpatient services. Rael went on to manage and further develop programing for two behavioral health clinics with multidisciplinary treatment teams.

She has also served as a board member and volunteer for a local non-profit that provides individuals the training and support needed to obtain meaningful employment after incarceration and recovery from substance use difficulties. Rael believes that evidenced-based treatments, collaboration with health care providers, am ia nymphomaniac connecting individuals to recovery support programs are essential factors in obtaining effective treatment outcomes.

She is passionate about working alongside individuals to discover their unique strengths, grow and continue to progress in becoming their personal best. In the role of Chief Clinical Officer, Ms. Rael will be working collaboratively with clinical and medical leadership to improve clinical processes, program development and identify those interventions which will best predict clinical success for each of the conditions that we treat.

With multiple behavioral health centers across the Intermountain West, our goal is to be as accessible as possible for our clients. Our specialized therapists ensure that each counseling appointment is a neutral and comfortable environment. All counseling appointments are confidential. Please call us today for more information about our behavioral health services or fill out the form below to schedule your confidential counseling appointment. Am I A Sex Addict? What Are The s? All Articles Most healthy adults enjoy sexual activity.

Impact Of Sex Addiction The impact of sex addiction can be devastating for the individual struggling with it as well as their loved ones.

Relationship problems: People struggling with sex addiction often experience challenges with monogamous relationships. Infidelity is common for people with sex addiction, which impacts relationship health. about:. Related Articles. Schedule a Confidential Counseling Appointment With multiple behavioral health centers across the Intermountain West, our goal is to be as accessible as possible for our clients. Get in touch today.

Am ia nymphomaniac

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