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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. London Eye Posts: 2, Forum Member. I am amazed with the amount of 'bi-curious' straight bi curious forum there out there on the internet. I am registered on a gay website called Fitl, which is full of these mixed-up 'bi-curious' guys. Many of them are married or have girlfriends; some are even fathers, yet they are prepared to cheat behind their partner's back by meeting strangers off the internet for 'a bit of cock'. Now, I shamefully admit that I have met some of these guys in the past, which has either ended on a good note or sour one.

In fact, there is a guy I meet up with for 'a session' when his girlfriend and 3 kids are out. We've been 'sex buddies' for 16 years yeah, since we were both in our early teens. Anyway, what do you think of these 'bi-curious' straight guys who cheat behind their partner's back? Do they have low sexual morals?

Are they plain selfish? Or is what they do cool? Personally, I'd never turn one down if I liked him. I'm amazed at how many guys identify as bisexual, especially here in Scotland sorry, Scotland! I noticed when I lived in London, guys were less reticent about using 'gay' to describe their sexuality, whereas up here north of the border, there's a lot of denial going on.

A case in point is a guy I see occasionally who insists until he's blue in the face he's not gay but everything he does sexually and the fact he doesn't sleep bi curious forum women says otherwise. Oh, well. I've had sex with a few marrieds in the past too, but tend not to now as I think it's kind of seedy. You either make the vows and stick to them or you don't. Plus they're usually really hopeless in bed anyway, as well as them always wanting me to wear women's underwear which, for me, is the biggest passion killer of all time.

ToryCynic Posts: Forum Member. London Eye wrote: ». System Posts: 2, Forum Member. It doesn't sit right with me - but then I'm being hypocritical as I was married once and "philandered" so to speak with other women although I'm a good boy these days. So I can't be judgemental.

But I do find the Bi thing odd - surely you swing one way or the other. Bit of a having your cake and eating it scenario. Well, a few weeks ago, I had a few friends over for a mini-party. One of the l who attended, 23, is adamant he's straight even though he's got a girlfriend yet was very touchy-feely with me most of the evening.

The thing is though, he was doing this right underneath his girlfriend's nose not that she noticed because she was too pissed. The latter part of the evening resulted in me and this lad 'having a bit of fun upstairs'. Les Willis wrote: ». I first tried to dip mine in the school Wendy House when I was 9! I think the other boy was 7 or 8. I was banned from the Wendy House from thereon. ToryCynic wrote: ».

No - I really do swing both ways. I wouldn't rule out a hetero. Know what to do with both sets of body-parts and really am a 'true-bother'. That doesn't mean we're polygamous, it just means we like both Didn't mean to be judgemental. A mate of mine who's predominantly straight has "got off" with blokes.

I think he's even tried it once or twice. It's the sort of thread that pits my liberal values against my conservative upbringing. But I thought all Socialists were cocks? Most are, but Billy Bragg may disagree.

What do I think of them? A cheater is a cheater no matter who they cheat with. One of the things about human beings that depresses me. Whilst I think BB's 'strummed socialism' is utter crock, this line is pretty 'bloody hell-ish': "and just because you're gay, I won't turn you away".

I concur, however, what does that make me for sleeping with these guys? I dunno. What are your views on anal sex with women? What, as a gay man doing it to a woman? No chance! It's not bums that turn me on but the person, preferably male.

Not that I have anything against females, it's just their floppy bits don't do it for me. In or Register to comment.

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