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It's something I've been obsessed with it all my life. Also, I would consider my sexual orientation to be asexual.

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I'm really not at all turned on by guys and I have no interest in sex - in fact, it honestly blindfold kink me. However, when indulging in my fetish, I do masturbate. According to Dr. Brenda Love in her Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices who simply defined it as, "a preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner.

Love also made reference to a similar paraphilia called lygerastia, which refers to those individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal only in darkness. The critical similarity in both of these is that the individuals in question are sexually aroused by sexual partners who are unable to see them. Most of what is known appears to be somewhat anecdotal.

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Brenda Love also wrote that:. This might be caused by reasons such as religious guilt about nudity and sex, low self-esteemor feelings of inadequacy. Other amaurophiles may have become conditioned to respond sexually only when a partner is asleep or has their eyes closed. They may have had childhood experiences of sex with siblings who were either sleeping or feigning sleep.

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Much of this—while plausible—appears to be highly speculative. The comments in relation to sexual arousal while someone is asleep i. Love blindfold kink notes that there may be other medical conditions that underlie amauarophilia. For instance:. An advantage of darkness is that tactile stimulation can reach the greatest sensitivity when all other senses are inhibited, particularly light.

Furthermore, partners may swap roles. One short online article claimed that:. Should amaurophiles be like apotemnophiles, and based on the research of Dr. I feel a bit weird about it myself, but for some reason I am really turned on by blind or blindfolded women. Unfortunately, very few of the s I have come across give any real indication as to how their blindness fetish developed.

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Should empirical research be carried out, the etiology and motivations for blindness fetishes would certainly be an obvious place to start. Aggrawal A. Bruno, R. Devotees, pretenders and wannabes: Two cases of Factitious Disability Disorder. Journal of Sexuality and Disability15, Bukhanovsky, A. R, Brantley, A,C. Assaultive eye injury and enucleation. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, 27, First, M. Desire for amputation of a limb: Paraphilia, psychosisor a new type of identity disorder. Psychological Medicine, 35, — Wikibin Blindfold kink Griffiths, Ph.

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