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Any of these sound familiar? Some of you might be interested in upping your snapchat game, but don't know what to snap about. Some of you think you have to live an interesting life that is 'worthy' of snapping. I'm here to tell you that you can snap even if you think you're boring. What bored snapchat seem boring to you may be interesting to someone else. Also, there's an amazing blab about this below for you to watch. Hosted by Melissa Opie. Speaking of Melissa Opie, she offers a free snapchat school teaching you how to use it from step 0.

Check it out here.

Snapchat is the ultimate know, like, and trust platform. Think of it as informal vlogging. Use one of the bored snapchat if you're worried. Let's get started with some ideas. So, I've come up with as many generic ones as I could. Let me know if you want another post with general snapchat tips. For example, keeping your photos short and treating your story like an actual story with a beginning, transitions, and end. What is upcoming in your business that you're excited about?

What's inspiring you today? A quote, photo, song, book Have morning routines? Like tea, working out, reading, taking a walk, playing with your pet, making breakfast, meditating, journaling, planning your day? Show us in either video clips or 2 second photos. Show us your work. Especially if you're an artist, photographer, stylist, or creator. If you work with clients, show them to us if it's okay with them. It can be as simple as the two of you saying hi to snapchat. You can tell us what you two are doing.

You can ask your client for a snapchat testimonial. Do you have gear in your work? Show us that. Use a snap or two to give a tip or mini blurb of a story or info related to what you do. Like a ten second blog post. TIP: when talking to snapchat, I wouldn't recommend using bored snapchat than 4 snaps in a row. When you are using a few snaps in a row to say something, you can make it fun by sometimes adding in a random filter. Text out a main point to your snap. Or use visuals. Keep yourself able.

Tell us what you're working on editing photos, creating a blog post and report back on it later. Are you finished? How much work is left? Did you hit a snag? It's important to take frequent quick breaks when you work from home at a computer, what do you do on your breaks? Think others might benefit? Do you do a specific set of stretches? Have a favorite song to pump you up?

Refill your water? Get a snack? Soak up a few minutes of sunshine? If something is SO good then share it. Think of more than physical products, what about favorite apps, programs, instagram s, people Big life events. We want to share in the big moments, too. If you need more inspiration, simply watch other snapchatters and get ideas of what to share.

That's my favorite source of snapchat inspiration.

I would suggest you play around. The good thing is, it doesn't stick around on a profile or feed. Your snaps are live for only 24hrs. Want more ideas? Cart 0.

In My. What are you working on? Tell us or show us. Again with the gear, have a favorite item? Learn More in these posts:. My Process for Instagram Live.

How to get the most out of your stock photos. Leave a Comment: Do you have a tip to share? Which tip will you try? Glady Anne May 16, 7 Comments. Glady Anne April 6, 2 Comments. Glady Anne May 6,

Bored snapchat

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