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Or Learn more Continue. Cam-girl Notes. Cam-girl Notes Website forums. Making nothing as a webcam girl. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 19 posts 1 2 Next. So, I'm not sure who I can talk to about this, buuuut, I've been webcamming for a few weeks now and I'm making nothing-- zip. I've been doing it every night for hours, been following all the advice I found on websites. I've got a pretty face, and a pretty good body, I'm flirtatious and funny, but for some cam girl forums, I'm making absolutely nothing.

I get a lot more traffic from MFC but they're usually just beggars or people who want to tip a dollar for a flash. I've made 4 dollars after about 30 hours work. What am I doing wrong?? I didn't expect this to be a windfall by any means, but I kind of expected to be making at least minimum wage. Welcome Ms. And I can assure you that you're certainly not the cam girl forums attractive cam model on MFC who's camming for minimum wage - or sometimes less. Check out some of the comments reposted from various professional forums in "The Quote of the Day" and you'll see what I mean.

At any time, there are anywhere from to models competing against one another on MFC. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy. The problem is that cam models and other professional cam models think they have their potential clients figured out. Stop following the advice of people who think they have this all figured out. First, believe it or not, men do enjoy the occasional intelligent, stimulating conversation.

Given the plethora of women on cam sites; if a guy has to choose between "attractive and stupid" or "attractive and smart", guess who they are going to pick? Creating an intelligent conversation in your chat room attracts intelligent men and guess what? Intelligent men usually make more money. That's not to say that your entire conversation should be serious, keep it casual. Let the people in your chat room know right away what your goals are for that session. Don't be obnoxious about it though. Topic : tokens nude CamModel : Ok, nobody has tipped has tipped in the past 10 minutes.

If nobody tips in the next minute, I'm leaving. First, the topic basically says I don't do private shows. Either be a public show cam model or a private show cam model, don't try to be both. Second, the attitude basically says fuck you to all those that tipped so far because I didn't get tokens yet. If you can't reach the topic, at least offer the tippers a chance to do a group show. Second, don't give out too much personal information. We aren't interested.

Most clients with money know that it is all usually bullshit anyways. We've heard the same sob stories a thousand times over and we don't need to hear it again even if it is sincere. If you've got problems, don't talk about it in public chat. If someone really wants to know, they'll take you into a private show to find out.

We know that you have a ificant other, whether serious or casual, and that they are tentatively accepting of you working as a cam model. Don't bring it up in chat. The stupid people will feel empowered to speak up incessantly about your boyfriend and ask questions about how good he is in bed.

You may as well log off because you aren't going to get a private show after cam girl forums. Third, camming on multiple sites at the same time. Slightly less annoying is starting a conversation with a cam model and have her suddenly start ignoring you to have a conversation with someone on another site. Fourth, find something that differentiates you from other cam models.

If you don't stand out, you are just another face in the crowd. Even the less-than-attractive models get mentioned in MFCs 1k, 10k, and k Lounge because there is something interesting about them. Fifth, it's one thing to have a rapport with people, it's another to pretend you are their friend; you aren't. Friends are the people you go out drinking with after work, go out to dinner with, go to the movies with, go to the beach with, go to a club with, invite over to barbeques, or text message each other about stupid crap like what their baby just did. Sixth, turn off your cellphone, essentially remove any possible distractions.

It's rude to stop during the middle of a private show to check who just called you or to put your dog in another room.

Seventh, if you have to be somewhere in an hour, don't waste your time cam girl forums online. Knowing that you are watching the clock basically says to us that you aren't focused on anything other than the clock and could care less about the fact that we are spending our money on you. Eighth, try to do things that let people who take you private know that you remember them. My favorite cam model who is retired again said something once that just made me keep coming back. She had mentioned that she wasn't really from where her profile said she was from.

I told her that was actually a good idea and jokingly said I'm not really from where I told her I was from. A few private shows later, she mentioned that she had written that down on a pink heart sticky note and kept it in her purse. Whether or not it was true, well, it didn't really matter.

The sentiment was ingrained in to me. It's the little things that count with men too. And last but not least, treat clients like they're riding in a taxi. If people want to take the scenic route, let them take the scenic route.

If they want to get there right away, let them. I remember the first time I had a cam model ask if I had cum yet after 5 minutes into the chat.

It's quite possibly the most unromantic thing you can say both in a private show and in real life. I suppose you could just call all of this basic cam model etiquette. Since you stepped all over my post and told me to go into the sunshine, I can state my observations here as well about you. Nice insight into what a customer is looking for on these websites.

I congratualte you for embracing it and taking the time to help out a fellow cam model. Would it surprise you that I do the same for a few others? Nah, that would reveal what a downer I am. But really if you do wish to help your fellow cam models in the understanding of what a customers likes and dislikes are, why not ACF or Sw. But I suggest ACF because they are more client friendly whereas, on SW the gals there have very little care, trust or respect for most of their members.

But as a paying customer that you are, you just might fit in there quite well. I rarely ever cam anymore. When cam girl forums favorite cam model retired, I effectively retired. There is only one other cam model that I will do private shows with on the rare occasion she goes online. I don't bother with other cam models because they all suffer from one or more of the aforementioned problems.

On another note, telling people to go to other websites isn't the best method for promoting activity on a forum. If you ever hope to provide truly useful information, having input from more than one or two people is essential. It's called discourse. It does work if you let it. Well now we are getting somewhere. I hate to step on the OP thread as well. Allow me to refresh everyones memory. I hate to bring up the past but after close to 10 years it still is relevent. I used to think hey this is all great and fun.

I had the same view as many who currently play and pay in this world of sexual fantasy. It was such fun and then the truth hits you and then teaches you a life lesson. Ironically, I don't see any measureable improvement but for a select few these days. I know quite well why this work exists. I understand quite well about why men visit as well. I also know, experienced and observed quite a bit of what can happen to individuals within the fantasy world that allows women cam girl forums becomed empowered so to speak.

To be in control of their own destiny, to obtain what the real world fails to supply them to survive or be happy. Not only from their side but from both sides of the cam. After a while no matter what the fuck you try to do, whether it is being logical, truthful, honest, a good customer, a friend, and even become quite intimate with individuals online, in one way or another, in the end, I have discovered, that it basically is just plain fodder as a former ex moderator would constantly remind everyone here that did make their way onto this forum.

Even the models would try and enlighten many who found their way here. Bless their hearts to a degree.

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