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Made a new group and need members asianwestern come and follow the rules and help us grow So I edit videos for a job, and today I happen to have a shit ton of videos.

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It's tedious, slow work so just thought I could pass the time by talking with someone while working. Just message me here with your kik or ask for mine if interested.

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Hey y'all, I'm French, 18yo and I live in Bordeaux which you only know cuz of "le French wine" don't lie. I am in a Graphic De school and I enjoy the lockdown for the time off it leaves me compared to the usual 3h a day of traveling while I still work kinda a lot on my study work. I have quite a big ego when it comes to my art work, although I know my flaws and what I still have to learn a lotand yes, I WILL shut up about it. I've played guitar for 10 years, that's quite my whole life: I don't think I would've been alive today without guitar or music.

Well I'm 33 and from the east coast US. I like cooking, horror movies, Halloween, and video games. Just to name a few things. I'd prefer some new friends closer to my own age! Hello you who is reading this! I am looking for another girl who wants to be friends sometimes friends with benefits.

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I love having someone to talk to and to flirt with. I can talk about almost anything.

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If not Message me for my kik! Hot New Top Rising.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(669) 672-2041 x 7035

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