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Male students involved in fraternities and sports teams were more likely to report viewing photos posted without the subject's knowledge. In contrast with the stereotypical image of the lone male sexual predator, a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior provides new evidence that men perpetrate sexual harm with the support of their male friends, which could change the way colleges attempt to prevent sexual abuse.

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Colledge nudes, researchers found that male college students who were in fraternities or on sports teams were far more likely than other men to visit semi-secret online groups in which members post nudes nonconsensually. While Strikingly, This strong correlation suggests that men in all-male groups are supporting and inducing the behavior among their peers, which has implications for combating image-based sexual abuse, the researchers said. Moreover, the proportion of men who actually reported posting the images — 44 men, 6. Maas, an assistant professor at Michigan State University colledge nudes the lead author of the study.

The problem is far bigger than individual men with harmful ideas about women and consent, Maas told The Academic Times. The evidence she uncovered in the study bolstered her belief that sexual violence prevention on college campuses should focus far more on perpetrators and far less on victims. More empirical and qualitative studies of the contents of "sluts" are needed to better understand this phenomenon, beyond anecdotal stories that periodically make the news — and inspire studies like Maas'.

As a Ph. I might as well ask college students about it. It's critical work, she said, because, "We have to understand how men bond over their sexual conquests in these negative, more violent or exploitative ways in order to be effective at actually reducing sexual violence on college campuses.

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Maas, Kyla M. Cary and Heather L. By Kevin Wheeler. By Marcos Cabello. By Tara DiMaio. By Nick Gallagher. By Ariane Lange. By Asher Jones.

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By Margaret McIntyre. Nonconsensual nudes are a problem on college campuses. Frats and sports teams are making it worse. Twitter Linkedin Facebook Print. You've reached the limit of three articles per month for unregistered users. You may continue reading for free by logging in below. Continue with Google Subscribe with Google. address.

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Colledge nudes

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Sharing nudes and semi-nudes: advice for education settings working with children and young people