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Recently, something happened in foreign technology circles and media circles for several days. In China, we are still eating melons that are "wonderful. It turned out to be an APP that could use AI to remove photos from clothes into nude photos and synthesize realistic images, which caused a huge wave abroad. Deepfake face change technology. Speaking of this kind of technology, you can remember that inDeepfake technology forging realistic images used it to graft female pictures to pornographic image content.

It was very controversial, and maliciously forged images began to spread on the Internet on a large scale, but also to people. Identifying the authenticity of the image has caused problems. More controversial examples of deepfake, such as the one-key nude nude software DeepNude, which has recently become popular on the Internet, can automatically generate corresponding nude pictures as long as a complete female picture is entered.

APP is delisted. Deep forgery technology is used behind these examples, that is, a technology that uses AI programs and deep learning algorithms to achieve video and audio simulation and forgery. The larger the content library of deep learning, the higher the authenticity of the synthesized video and audio. It can even reach the level of being fake. Deep forgery technology can not only realize face swap, but also can simulate real human voice through deep learning to create portraits of people converting image share nude do not exist in reality.

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Using this technology, you can let someone say something they haven't said and do something they haven't done in the more credible way of video, so as to confuse the audience. Highly deceptive deep forgery has also caused a lot of controversy, such as Yang Mi's face change, AI software automatically generates nude photos, deep forged videos of political figures such as Obama and Putin, etc.

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If Deepfake has a threshold for non-technical personnel, now a faster, easier-to-use, and non-thresholding "variant" application appears, called DeepNude. According to Motherboard reports, DeepNude APP uses neural network technology to remove clothing from female pictures, making the photos look like real nude photos, especially the larger the exposed skin area, the better the processing effect. The team behind it has released Windows and Linux system versions. The scope of DeepNude's processing of photos is currently limited to women's photos, and it can process anything.

But soon, after media reports, due to public pressure, DeepNude, which used AI to create fake nude photos of women, was closed by its team, and its official website could not be opened. The DeepNude team stated in their tweets that they greatly underestimated the popularity of the project and the likelihood that people would abuse it.

DeepNude will no longer be available for sale, and old versions will not be released. But they also admitted that " the application will definitely have some copies" released. At present, DeepNude can generate a photorealistic forged nude photo within 30 seconds with just one click, and this time can be accelerated in the future. In contrast, although Deepfake technology is rapidly upgrading, it currently requires at least a few hours to generate credible face-forged photos, and it takes several minutes to use Photoshop software to convert a picture into a realistic nude photo.

DeepNude claimed that the software was made out of love and curiosity for the converting image share nude.

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The author said that they did not violate privacy, and pointed out that DeepNude will not automatically images, and only process the pictures that users want to do. Like the negative feedback caused by the Deepfake software, the biggest negative effect is that these photos may be used to harass women, such as the heroine who fakes the female star into a pornographic film.

The author of the software said: Even if he doesn't do it first, others will quickly make software like DeepNude because the technical threshold is not high. Many people criticized the expression of the DeepNude team. Netizens think this software is terrible and violates people's privacy, because anyone can become a victim of this technology.

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Shouldn't this technology be open to the public? Follow-up DeepNude said: " If the software is found to be misused, his team will definitely give it up. Anyway, using neural network technologyDeep learning computer vision technology, Similar deep-forged images will only be quicker and easier to produce, and difficult to detect, but how to prevent the misuse of people's images is rarely a good solution at present. With the help of Internet communication, it is easy to affect the reputation of the victims, Even if it is used in the future, I hope that this kind of software will be used on the right path, and not as a tool that does not hurt everyone.

Before I saw this article, I felt that it was full of dry goods. I always wanted to share it with people who want to learn programming. I often chat with the owner and agreed to reprint it. This article is an article on the technical frontline of developers.

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The public is maintained by Meituan technicians. Bloggers will also share some experience with their juniors. I think this is a collection of some technical front-line news and attention to industry trends, big manufacturers dry goods, Java technology and Python technology, focusing on developer experience and growth, is an excellent guide for programmer growth.

Help 10W developers grow. Warmly recommend everyone can also pay attention! This is also why I often take a look at the books and software developments o Perhaps you too well. Almost every us At present, with the popularization of mobile phones, you can take pictures anytime, anywhere, but the level of each person's photos is different. In converting image share nude case, a software that can blur the blurred ph What is the size of a one-inch photo? What is the size of a standard one-inch photo? How to make a one-inch ID photo from a selfie? How to change the background color of one-inch photos?

How to make a I remember the first time when using this Mac, Windows and face very different shortcuts and system logic, often a kind of "who I am", "I should be doing. To be a WeChat chatbot, implementation steps: 1. Obtain the right to use WeChat, that is, the python script can control the sending and receiving of WeChat information.

After the python script rece I believe that many small partners have a lot of photos stored in their mobile phones.

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After all, the camera functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, and the pictures taken are Before we talk about thread safety, let's talk about what is a process. What is a process? There are many separate programs running on the computer, each with a separate process, and the processes are Preface The app that takes you to realize your girlfriend's desires demand A diary is needed, and sweet words need to be recorded Only need to chat with ta module Need to be able to record key dates t Programmer Sought.

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