Cupping kink

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Yes, cupping looks painful, but so can many BDSM play when you look at it! Cupping is an ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern practice of using glass cups on the skin and creating a vacuum. The after effects leave a very distinct, perfectly round bruise along the back or wherever it was used.

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First, blood is brought to the area and increases sexual stimulation. Second, the actual pressure and bruising can be sexual for some people as well.

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Dry cupping involves a plastic cup and manual pump or mechanism to create the vacuum. This is the safest method and best for beginners. Wet cupping involved nicking the area, letting blood form and using that to create the vacuum. This and cupping kink are definitely not something for beginners. Different methods leave different bruise outlines and appearance. Some doctors use acupuncture needles with their cupping. It could be integrated in a kink, but requires research, a teacher, and practice. Start small and simple, and work your way up. Other glass cups like drinking cups or jars can NOT be used as a substitute.

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Cupping kink

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Erotic Cupping: The Kinky Art of Fire and Glass