Elisabeth shue nipple

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She walks around in a see thru bra in one scene, then pulls her bra down to touch herself. Great movie, neat story too. How is it? Is he talking about the VHS version, is it full version so you can see her nipple? I saw this movie on Encore at least I think that was the channel? We have to get to the bottom of this. I own the dvd and I'll check on it. That is hot! Take it easy. Yes, I've seen nipples, and there is nothing wrong with expressing my praise for them These boards aren't meant to be mindblowing exchanges of monumental intelligence.

It's about as arbitrary as deciding whether to put the left or right sock on first. Whoa stop the presses.

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I better put the DVD on, this nipple sounds better than the missus's one i get play with each time hell freezes over. She deserved an oscar for this performance.

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The chitty chat with Kyle and later with the other guy was very provocative and sexy. I agree! This is the best thread ever What a shame they don't include the full screen version on the DVD. Oh well, at least I saw it when it was on TV. That video is like a Daniel Laruso Crane Kick to my pants.

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Build a man a fire, he is warm for the night. But set a man on fire I just watched it on DVD, for the first time ever, and yeah, there was no nipple. You can see them through her bra, but not when she pulls one side of it down. I'm guessing the film was shot with an open matte aspect ratio, then it was cropped for widescreen presentation. But not on DVD, because the widescreen image will cut it off. That is exactly what happened.

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Simply put, to get the widescreen version for the DVD, the studio simply cropped off the top and bottom - and with it, Ms Shue's nipple. Sorry, fellas. To me she still is the most beautiful of all actresses in Hollywood hands down. She looks great with or without makeup. I'll take her over any 25 year old model, actress or beauty any day of the year. To me she is what a 10 is. Up. Elisabeth Shue showing her nipple in the DVD version posted 17 years ago by victorids 24 replies jump to latest "If you like Elisabeth Shue, this is probably the second best movie to see her in second only to Leaving Las Vegas, where she gets naked!!

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. That's why we sing her praises. Should have read "Breast thread ever! You're welcome.

Elisabeth shue nipple

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Elisabeth Shue Nude