Fire play kink

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Caressing you, teasing you? Your natural instincts will tell you to fear it but there is this alluring attraction, with the first sweep across your skin, instant heat but gone just as quickly, before returning. Fireplay is an incredibly sensual play involving not just the fire but touch too. I fell almost immediately into a pleasure zone, my body reacting to the heat Secrets expertly trailed over my body. Little sparks of fire and a pop of noise….

I was intrigued. See this article for more information ]. I started to explore more, reading up on Fireplay and trying to learn the ins and outs of how to do it and most importantly, how to do it safely. It looks simple, it looks easy, but it is important to remember fire is dangerous. So this is where my love of fire and temperature play began, Fireplay is niche, I loved bringing something new to people.

Fire play kink ed the team at FutureParties in December which has allowed me to bring Fireplay to a much wider audience and indulge people in my flames.

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Those who do Fireplay for performance such as fire eating, fire breathing and circus skills generally use paraffin which is a black fire play kink due to smoke. You can also get fear play from Fireplay, but this does not last long as people usually fall in love with the sensation once they get over their initial fear. Using a small amount it sparks and disappears within seconds when you light it which is a great simple way to incorporate basic fire in to your play. It is only through trial or error I have found the best brand with my thighs having had several tested on them whilst I found a new brand after my preferred one dried up.

The idea with hair mousse is that you can draw out small shapes on the skin and then you light it. It will burn for longer on the skin so you need to be careful not to apply it too thickly and have a wet towel on standby in your hands to extinguish, you can also relight the mousse a few times until it has burnt out.

I always exercise caution when using mousse and tend not to let it burn for long. Fire wands are soaked in fuel, any excess dabbed off before being lit, these can then be hovered above the skin for just a warm heat or gently brushed over the skin in light strokes. The sensation is warm and tingly, many compare this to the feel of a hot stone massage. It is a very sensual play as the fire wand is always followed by the other hand caressing the skin to extinguish any residue flames left from the wand. Fire fleshing is where 2 smaller fire play kink are used in the same hand with one lit and the other wet with fuel wet, not drippingsmall patterns are drawn on the skin with the fuel wand and then lit with the other wand, this stays lit on your skin for just a couple of seconds before being extinguished again by my free hand.

A river of flame. The aim of fire flogging is not heavy impact like normal flogging, you just skim the skin with the flames. It is advisable to do fire flogging outside with plenty of space. Fire is dangerous if not carefully monitored, never attempt fireplay without having had some instruction and ensure you are careful. Playing with fire should not be tried without the correct instruction, knowledge of the risks and without full safety precautions. Search My 0 You have 0 items in your cart.

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Toys Accessories. Hit space bar to expand submenu Blogs. Enter address. See this article for more information ] I started to explore more, reading up on Fireplay and trying to learn the ins and outs of how to do it and most importantly, how to do it safely.

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Fire play kink

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