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Register Now - It's Free! Go to PaxNurgle is offline. If this is the wrong place to talk about this then I apologize. I just wanted to share ideas on femdom and the idea of forced bisexuality and cuckold play- not just to share specific fantasies- because I know this is not uncommon, but the whole dynamic behind it.

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I realize this is probably not as uncommon a fetish as people might think- having a hotwife or dominant female partner that you submit to sexually in an intimate setting or perhaps in all aspects of life beyond just the bedroom and not only allowing her to cheat on you, but becoming an active participant in it.

And then not only watching her be serviced by another man, but having her order you to submit to her lover- sexually- as well. Some say it's a of latent homosexual or bisexual tendencies, but for me it is not that. I am not sexually attracted to men at all, and would actually be repulsed by the idea of having sex with a man- unless my female dominant was with me and ordered me to.

And 3 with her having multiple forced bi forum, she can get to experience more variety and not feel "trapped" in a stale monogamous relationship. So this is all part of it for me. Just wondering your thoughts on this- I hope I am not out of line and I don't want to just turn this into a wank-fest thread. OdysseusMan is offline. Thanks for sharing this: not being myself into either of these things, I've been wondering about their meaning for those who practice them.

I wonder though, do you get any pleasure from the sex with the other man too, or it comes from the mere knowledge of what you are doing? I get pleasure from basically, seeing my lover satisfied, and being willing to go through something like this for her. So, it is the knowledge of what I am doing, for her. Jada59 is offline. I don't personally "get" the cuckold thing, in that it's not for me.

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But two men together? Oh yeah! I have never seen this in real life though. I do have gay friends but somehow I wouldn't feel right asking to watch them and I doubt that they'd let me. My former FWB was bit but during the time we were together, he never found another guy.

I do get off on the idea of the forced bi forum I'm with sucking another guy's cock or even jacking him off, especially if I got to assist but That will probably remain a fantasy because I can't really envision it happening for real. But do stop by my Online Jack and Jill Party! I don't know about others, but the idea of forced bisexuality is a turn on for me because it's such a "taboo" activity and not having control of the situation relieves me of "responsibility".

I've discussed a willingness once to suck a cock for my wife and was chastised for even suggesting it so for now it remains a fantasy. I have on rare occasions gotten my wife to feed me my own cum.

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Ginlover is offline. Not femdom but forced bisexuality a massive turn off for me. Girl girl is a hard limit. In virtual play a Dom kept pushing the idea. He dropped it. Recently he did it again and I went from really turned on to stopping play because he shared picture of his partner, pushing to know how it made me feel. To me forced bisexuality can only sit with pre agreed consent like CNC. Sex is about power. Latest stories: Primal Prey.

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He can have her anytime, anywhere he wants. Giving in to instinct and raw urges he will have her any way. Companion story to Primal Prey. SissySalina is offline. This makes perfect sense, it is the act of servitude to Her and has nothing to do with him. It is doing something that normally would not occur just to satisfy and demonstrate the devotion to Her.

It is the ultimate feeling. I've been out of touch these past few months. I'm hoping to resurrect this very worthwhile discussion topic. I think the dynamics that underlie it are only dimly understood. By me, at least But it fascinates me. Originally Posted by PaxNurgle. Find More Posts by liqueur. I came to realize that Forced bi forum genuinely bisexual, so it is a bit different for me. But the idea of "doing" another man because she ordered me to, directed what I was to do, and how to do it; is a frequent subject of ours during a release session.

I've relayed some of my fantasies on the boards. But I agree that the fantasy is enhanced by the thought of it being something she orders me to do.

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Originally Posted by Jada I don't get sexual satisfaction from my submission when satisfying another male I do find it to be highly arousing to think about the topic forced bi forum forced bisexuality, but maybe not so much as a cuckold thing but more of a submissive way of pleasing a woman. Letting her take control. I often fantasize about her encouraging me to try it. Her teasing me about wanting to do it or her making me do it. I really have no interest in men, just the cock as an object to submit to under her control.

My interest is limited to oral pleasure though. I am not really sure where this fixation will ever go. OlderBtm4U is offline. Thank you, everyone. This would be a pretty easy to make happen if the woman is willing to play with the other guy. Probably would not be that hard finding a man willing to just play with a guy while the woman just watches.

ChasBozwell30 is offline. Im attracted to men and women, and have submissive fantasies regarding either, it's not simple, but it is fun x as for the forced bi element, i love the idea of being made to live out my fantasy, of being controlled, unmade and remade, it's alost beyond words Smilies are On. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Copyright Literotica Online. Literotica is a registered trademark.

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Forced bi forum

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