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Our LGBT teen forums offer a wide range of topics for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth community. Here we will provide you with a selection of helpful topics and information. Coming Out Stories : Find stories of other teens who have come out as gay or who are thinking about it.

In this section you can read useful information, dont forget to share your story! To share your story simply .

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Help and Advice : Need help? As teens like you who are going through the same thing for advice on your situation. If you want to give out advice to others just read from the thre made by teens looking for help and tips and reply to their thre. If you want advice now please create your topic by clicking here. Boys Forum : The boys only forum. If you are a gay, bisexual, transgender, or curious teen this is the forum where you can find other boys like you and share concerns about boy stuff.

Post your own questions, concern, or topic here.

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Dating : View all dating topics in the dating section of the forums. Have questions or need some answers, create your thread by clicking here. Girls Forum : The girls only forum.

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If you are a teen girl we have a forum just for you to talk about any topics relating to being a girl. Ready to post? Relationships : Having a bad time with a relationship? Need advice? Our relationship forum is the place to find advice, ask for tips, or read about others experiences.

Post your own questions, concern, or topic in the relationship section by clicking here.

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Write your thread in health now right here. Coming Out Tips : Want to come out but dont know where to start? Find great tips here. Have a tip of your own you want to add?. List of Resources for Gay Teens : List of online and phone s where you can find help if you need it. Have a resource you want to add? Add it. How to put on a condom - step by step guide : For boys.

A step by step guide on how to put on a condom safely to prevent STD's. Reply to this useful thread here. Tips for Getting a Boyfriend : If you are having a hard time like everyone else on finding a boyfriend, please read the thread, it may help you. Have something to add? Or ask for more information by replying gay boy forum the thread here. Share your opinion here.

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