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Having already finished multiple lists on different nationalities, including Japan pornstarsAsian, British, Russian and so many others, we have decided to go for the USA made pornstars. We are talking pure, American ass and pussy. While every person has immigrated at some point, this top 10 list will focus on pornstars that were born and raised in the states.

Since the industry is booming here, the following post should be fucking awesome. We will do eggs, ham, fireworks, fake tits with even faker smiles and other epic stuff, Murica, fuck yeah. These are the symbols of our eagle, the flag, and many other things that were invented in the land of freedom.

You have multiple foreign performers that come to the US, all searching for freedom and easy ways for making bucks. This is the capital of porn! Now, how many women do you know of that migrated to another country for a porn career? So, Lana is a real American pornstar and a hot one too! Born in Chicago, Lana Rhoades is now years old and already has few adult awards from two hottest american pornstars ago. You know the ongoing joke about vegans and whether they eat cum or not?

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Guess what! This slut is a vegan. Not every American pornstar in our top 20 swings both ways. Kenna, for example, prefers women over men and is one of the lesbian performers for you to discover. Has all the looks of a typical pornstar with fake blond hair, bright red lips that are reserved for other females, and that naughty face, which would look so good with some cum on it. Kenna James is on the left in this scene, getting her pussy ground to the wet pieces of joy in one of my favorite positions: scissoring.

Equality as excited, I cannot stop masturbating. Is she the greatest thing to ever happen? I like my American pornstars imperfect, with fat rolls and fragile teeth. This is another Karma for you, albeit similarly fucked up, just like the original. A parade of tattoos involving all kinds of creepy creatures has more ink than the average male has had partners in his lifetimelarge boobs, and a freakish thirst for energetic sex.

Her scenes are full of hardcore action, and by the time she is done undressing I am already done. Look at that hand movement, how she massages his dick. Seriously, her porn is like a good action movie. There is always something happening, and with sparkling fireworks in the very end. For some reason she always makes hottest american pornstars think of Bitcoins, either for better or worse.

She loves to show men a proper way to fuck her and takes control over them. At one point she just holds his face like it was her bitch. The look is also not the greatest. But why am I talking about the male anyway? Audrey is a rare brunette pornstar hottest american pornstars truly black hair and eyebrows longer than my dick. Great at porn but would not be so good in real life, unless you truly know how to satisfy a horny pornstar. The lady of cumshots and facials, Jenna Haze. A compilation of some of the best cumshots and facials involving our beloved pornstar.

Before you get disgusted by this, your current girlfriend has done the same thing with even more dicks, just without cameras. Even skin, glowing face, nicely done hair, and a gigantic mouth that has swallowed more cum than a V12 engine in its entire lifetime and beyond. Eva Angelina has been in the porn business for 15 years now, starting at the age of 18 and continuing ever since.

Was married to Danny Mountain another pornstar for few years but since then departed. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, United States. Why are there so many pornstars from California anyway? Every self-respecting porn critic is going to mention Tori Black, one of the most famous American pornstar of this generation. Has been collecting awards for ten years and looks even better with age.

Born in Seattle, Washington, with an undergraduate course in journalism.

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Most PornHub viewers would love to fuck or marry Tori Black, but as we have learned, she is having some trouble with her relationships. Tori, if you are reading this, I am ready for that next step. Used to be brunette, then dyed hair brown, and is now a full-on blond. One of the younger pornstars to appear in this top. Once you start going through her scenes, you will realize why. Despite this video, Uma also fucks me, and with hundreds of scenes shot, there is plenty of material to choose from. The gates of hell have been broken and here comes the godmother of all-American whores, Whitney Westgate.

Be wary of her presence because no human being can resist these oral skills. Even the sacred Pope would tell the world to piss off and dine on her fine honeypot. Good thing this chick has moved out a long time ago. What is there not to like about this, true American pornstar? Everything you see nowadays is either fake or enhanced. Be it fake tits, trimmed pussies, lips with Botoxyou name it. However, these are positive qualities. Why live with the goods from mother nature when you can tell hottest american pornstars to fuck off and shoot for the look at a true, US-made pornstar?

I am not sure if all these things apply to Ashley but fuck her right in the pussy. Also, my dick is way too short for this sex position. Hey, if you like your pornstars with big titsthen Kayla is your future wife.

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Go ahead, propose, and fuck her. I would ask her to only change one thing about herself and that does not even include anything hard. Just next time, before we meet and I meat you, go to the fucking tanning bed or something. The worst thing I could think although some find that super sexy is when a slut has these pale white stains all over her body. Shit is a boner killer, hoe. We would not be surprised to learn that she runs marathons or appeared in Iron Woman.

Lezley Zen would fuck you till you dehydrate and pass out, and even then, she would not stop. Even if you were in the ambulance. One of the best American pornstars in her age group and for some of you, just one of the best, period. Bitch, please. The guy can barely keep his cock inside before it goes limp mode. But this is how we love American sluts right? Nasty, disgusting, and just there for fucking. You fuck the crap out of them, promise to call, and move to another state. This is the way of American life, the way of living on Route Talk about having fun.

If this is not how you spend your evenings, then welcome to the club. I am also a rather hot and sexy alpha male without any pornstars to fuck. You got a fucking stupid, ponytail hairstyle and a giant butt to keep the company. These girls are laughing their asses off, and I want it. Great chemistry in the scene but I would expect anything less from the studio named Mother Fucker. Fuck yeah, one of the best asses in the business, which is perfect for the best anal sex of your lifetime.

We are talking hard, asshole-pounding experience, which makes you happy and leaves her in just so slight pain. I do love this pornstar and the only complaint I have is that she is not my neighbor. What a joke, fuck you, God. Also, any girl who loves to lick that brown hole should reserve some sort of compensation when paying taxes. I mean she already ate the dirt. We have already covered some nice pornstar actresses and their butts as well as tits, but what about the lips? It is a rather important subject, considering that you need a lot of love to give the best blowjobs in the entire world.

I will be the judge. That would probably be a better way to solve a conflict that a World War. Why were you born so far away from me, Mia? Hottest american pornstars do you have to be so fucking perfect? Nice tits and tasty vagina. Those are all great and that but check that massive ass of hers.

I swear to God, this is a product of the genetically engineered butt. Praise the fakeness and jerk off to it. Because mine does not, I just let the bitch clean it with her mouth. She is one of the most popular girls on various porn sitesfree and paid. Another thing why I love Mia? She sucks that dick hard. The American ass from Sacramento, California. She is a rather short one too, so I am sure that all the curves are a bit smaller in real life. However, since we are never meeting, that is fine with me and I have no problem imagining her just perfect, for the rest of my life.

Hot, anal ready and just your slutty, all-American porn star. Her tongue could be cleaned though, as it does appear to be on a gray side. At least you have white teeth, another symbol of the hottest american pornstars bling that is native to the land of freedom. I did not want to mix this list with American pornstars that were born in the USA but are of Spanish or any other ethnicity than Caucasian.

However, there are two exceptions and one of them is Tia Cyrus. Still looks American enough. Does a great job at satisfying her partners, is not afraid of choking, and takes dicks as deep as possible? Dedicated, educated, and beautiful. Oh look, a non-blonde pornstar that hottest american pornstars from the USA. How fucking shocking is that?

Hottest american pornstars

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