How to play with my breast

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But the first rule of successful breast play? Don't neglect the areas around your areola.

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O'Reilly says. Ready to learn more about how to play with boobs to a titillating effect? Below, three sexperts share their breast advice couldn't help it when it comes to breast play.

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From there, you can move on down, paying attention to the neck, the shoulders, and the collarbone. And hey, maybe even bring up the heat another way: A warming massage candle could be a worthwhile companion to many of the following techniques. Shop Now: Maude Burn No. Create circular and up and down motions," says Howard. For added pleasure and comfort, add a small amount of lube or moisturizer to your hand before you begin.

I also love Coconuwhich features an all-natural and multipurpose formula. When in doubt or when the AC is bustedyou can't go wrong with temperature play.

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All you need is something frosty-cool to sip or suck on before you send serious shivers down someone's spine Playing alone? Swirling an ice cube in-hand is a good DIY option. Or, if you want something that gives a fresh breath of coolness without turning your tits into icicles, I really love Ice Cream by Sweet Vibesa tingling menthol balm that increases sensitivity.

This technique probably works best on someone else, because, well…it's tough to lick your own breasts. Sometimes your breath is the hidden hack to upgrade your orgasm. Explore different ways to increase pressure.

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Add different sensations by alternating between breathing and blowing air through your nose and mouth, onto your partner's breasts. Though air-pulsation sex toys replicate sucking motions and rhythms deed to stimulate the clitoris, these toys can also provide sensations that will be equally pleasing to the nipples. Oh hi! Enter Address.

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. T ending to your underappreciated erogenous zones is certainly a worthy pleasure resolution, and the easiest place to start is with breast play.

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Whether as a regular component of other sexual play, or a stray consensual tweak here and there, you may well have experienced breast stimulation in the past, but there are so many great answers to the question of how to play with boobs. Related Stories. Experts Referenced. Sexologist and relationship expert. Tatyannah King. Sex educator and Sex Coach.

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How to play with my breast

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Your Breasts Are an Underappreciated Erogenous Zone—Here Are 11 Titillating Ways To Engage Them