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In the chaotic hustle and bustle of a Wall Street restaurant kitchen, Chef George is trying to stay sober. In between yelling at a pair of trash-talking line cooks and a pot-smoking busboy, he befriends Steve, an East African immigrant who seems to be a humble yet dignified dishwasher.

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But Steve played a shocking role in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide, and immigration authorities are on his trail. Set during busy dinner shifts and filled with a cast of unforgettable New York characters, How to Use a Knife bursts with grinding suspense, energy, and surprise.

Scene One is hilarious; Scene Two wipes the smile right off your face. Papatola, Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

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Butler, Kansas City Star. Its characters establish themselves instantly, as if the minute one-act would otherwise be squandering time on its set, the modest kitchen of a Wall Street restaurant.

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Based on this exceptional Shattered Globe production alone, it should have won the prize. It is ultimately serious and challenging. And it is very fine. Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle. New Play Exchange.

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