Hypno fetish stories

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An IT worker at a research lab discovers that the female scientist is working on a secret mind-control durg. Bryce meets Hallie by chance, but her presence may be enough to transform him and his life entirely.

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Abby is a hypno fetish stories girl who comes to possess a very unique gem. It gives her powers to reshape herself and those around her in any way she wants. But, as with any power, there is a cost. Jenny and her friend Lisa go camping by their favorite lake. They see much more than strange lights in the sky. Visitors from another world see every bit of the girls and learn a few things about humans.

When her son keeps getting injured by a bully on his soccer team, Jane decides to put him in his place. However, when they finally come face to face, she finds her sense of authority to be somewhat absent. Margaret is kidnapped during her trip to Europe as part of a sadistic experiment to learn the limits of resistance.

However, when a strange waiter appears at their table, things start to get a little… fuzzy. Sutton and Makenna are released by their hypnotic Master, only to fall victim to another one on a cruise ship.

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Seeking help forgetting a love he pines over, Matt gets reprogrammed and the Dr. Stan accidentally discovers the trigger phrase that turns his girlfriend into a hypnotized sex zombie. A hypnotic induction for those interested in improving their ability to experience hypnotic amnesia. Four female friends start a tradition to stave off boredom while their men are out of town on the weekends, discovering the erotic power of hypnosis and the thrill of absolute control. Maria is taken to a restaurant where she is drugged and hypnotized, and led down the path towards complete submission.

A superhero meets a newly awakened metahuman. Chloe and her friends take a vacation to a house hypno fetish stories the country. They go down to the nearby lake and she ends up running through the swamp in the dark trying to escape the clutches of the creature that pursues her Officer Matt Hollingsworth is sent to investigate a missing software deer. What he discovers too late though is the control that can be mined from within our darkest desires.

The mysterious Sundew program claims two more victims as it continues to exploit the darkest desires of its victims in order to ensnare them. Thomason Academy prides itself on turning wayward young women into productive members of society Chris uses advanced psychological techniques on Jack to make him a better wrestler. And other things. Unpopular teenager Billy survives a freak accident, and suddenly has the has the power to control minds.

Bethany invents a device that can erase memories, but when she tests it on herself, she goes a little too far. Oh no! A nefarious supervillain has abducted the two loveliest girls on campus and turned them into his loyal ninja catgirls! Hey, wait, is Lizzy, the weird airhead, with them? A young man takes a risky short cut to a hot body: hypno fetish stories pills from an old man in a strange magic shop. The pills work, but when he overdoses he starts to become a particularly horny werewolf. Can he and the girl he spurned find a cure before he turns completely?

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Why is a mysterious and sexy assassin trying to kill him? John talks his wife Amanda into visiting a marital counselor, and the of Dr. A disaffected female modern history teacher falls prey to a rogue form of superhuman who have discovered how to willfully evolve their own minds to give them all sorts of new abilities—particularly, psionosexual domination. A controller who controls controllers to hypno fetish stories them ethical. How can something so unethical come out of a place where no act brings shame?

The men of wealth and taste are about to find out. Well, let them laugh. After years of study and dedication, Carl has created the tool that will change his life forever…. The Light family and Ms. Tori Randall are attempting to come to a business agreement. Tori has a fresh, exciting product to sell for a market that the family is attempting to re-invest in after past Will the Lights add Ms. Cheri surveys a bar and makes a new acquisition. Sam the unsuspecting target was just interested in a nice massage from a beautiful woman. Both got what they wanted and with it, Sam got a new life.

A newly minted white slaver is thrust into the Machiavellian world of her fellow human traffickers. Despite having the advantage of a truly unique working relationship, it soon becomes clear that she will have to use every trick in her arsenal, if she is to avoid the transition from predator to prey. Two women share a story of the recent behavior of one of their co-workers, a man with an interest in hypnosis. While handling what seems to be a routine kidnapping case, a trio of sexy private investigators uncover a diabolical mind control conspiracy.

An actress who goes for an audition ends up being the subject of a cruel mind-control experiment. Three friends flee north to escape the acts during the government shutdown, will they find their freedom? After Clair goes to a New Years Eve party, things start to get a little weird, and of hypno fetish stories sexual. A teenaged genius uses his knowlege of targeted marketing to make some changes at his high school, and at home. Luisa gives Chad a little biology lesson. But this is less about the birds and the bees than about gradualism, saltation, and the changes that are coming for the human race.

Laurie successfully quits smoking with the help of some self-hypnosis recordings. But can she keep her craving for trance a secret from her pushy and demanding coworker, Jane? What if someone you hated gave you a gift? What if that gift was the ability to completely control the girl of your dreams? Would you use it? A full-length novel of hypnotic slavery, in three parts. Phyllis and Ben, food additive scientists, develop a substance which creates a great craving for male and female sexual secretions.

Then they test just how well it works. Daniel Malcolm, college student, has it all. When a journalist friend asks for his help to track down a missing girl, they uncover disturbing shennanigans on campus that threaten to complicate his life.

Daniel Malcolm, recently graduated from Darnell University, takes a position in the security branch of ADCorp, and discovers that his job involves tracking down people with strange abilities. Jennifer Hansen, programmed into a ravenous unsatisfiable slut and sent into the world to fend for herself, ends up at the Craven-Wilford Institute for Mental Health, meeting other patients affected by the mind-controlling Specials.

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Perverse attitude adjustments and unbreakable cum-control ensue. Mind and body Inspired by no true events. Three buddies wander into the clutches of the Amazon Queen.

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Strange temple rites alter their memories, subdue their wills, and prepare each for the fate the Queen ass. Danielle just graduated from college as an honors student. She was hired for a job that was on the other side of the country, and found a large apartment, while knowing full well that her life was about to change forever.

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Chris moves to a new neighborhood, but the reasons he tells himself why he moved are not the real reason. A feisty young freedom fighter learns why no one escapes the Commonwealth, and why no one resists its beautiful and compelling dictator. Rowen reroutes a planned double-bachelorette party for her friends Tessi and Brigid, and takes the group to an adult circus with a hidden agenda instead. Unfortunatly it wants to do more hypno fetish stories just help her fly.

Two lab partners make an amazing medical advancement, but deception and desire alters the outcome of human testing. Aubrey and her best friend Jenny arrive on a luxury resort island. They discover that the is more to the plants here than meets the eye and that people tend to vanish here. Chloe and her team of slavers capture and probe Missy and Cordelia. The girls are probed for information leading them to mind control technology.

Roger Stevens had always been scrawny.

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That is, until he ed an experimental program through the Navy of the United States of Columbia. Now Roger is a new man with all the power he needs to bring Nazis, or whoever, to their knees, as his former best friend is about to discover. Perpetual insomniac Carmine Belch is called upon to investigate strange goings on at a local prosthetics manufacturer. Chronically sleep-deprived and sexually frustrated private investigator, Carmine Belch walks the mean streets of Slough. The members of a household have some unasked for adventures after the botched casting of a hypno fetish stories spell.

The Bullmans and their friends gather to show each other how they have been transformed. Magic tits, special semen, a prehensile tongue, and an amateur MILF hunter goes pro are only part of the wonders. And working as a team the gang must confront a dangerous demon. The nervous and socially conservative Bullmans host the younger generation. And this only summarizes to hump day. Annette moves to LA to try her luck in Hollywood. Swimming pools. Movie stars. Liberated but lost thralls imprinting themselves on her.

Magic leashes. Power lunches. Do they succeed? Sorry Charlie. X, who threatens world domination. Lily gets the chance to write an article about the renowned hypnotist, Vivian Stone. David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other students. One year later after their disappearance, his footage was found.

Josh uses the power of erotic hypnosis to help his trans girlfriend overcome some of her insecurities. After their teacher Mr Rodwell gets fired, his students begin to realize that he did something to them all

Hypno fetish stories

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