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The iFunny App has a collection of funny videos and memes. Some users often complain of obscene content which sometimes is disturbing, due to this many users want to know how to delete iFunny .

This famous meme-sharing App and site had once come under the lens when its users were promoting violence and threats. Post this; the App had made some changes to the policies. While we agree that this is a great platform to kill some time on, there are many reasons why users often are looking to delete the iFunny.

Some of these reasons could be :.

Once you download the app, you can register with your id or via Twitter, Facebook, or Google. The only way you can delete your iFunny is by sending an to the iFunny support team.

Once you submit thethey may take up to business days to delete your. The will have to include certain relevant information that will help the support team understand the belongs to you. You can send out an to the iFunny support team having the below-mentioned template. Follow the below steps to write out a mail to the ifunny accounts support team. I hope you understand my concern and will do the needful as soon as possible.

To ask any further information regarding my query, you can contact me on my id or phone mention your phone and -id here. Hope you found answers to help you delete iFunny .

If you have any issues with the template of theplease leave a comment in the comment section below. Also, feel free to leave any additional tips based on your experience. Steps taken to delete iFunny is a permanent one. In case your problem was with spam messages the there are other options that iFunny provides to safeguard your privacy.

To safeguard your privacy while using the App, you could either switch on Sa fe Mode or block the users who are spamming your inbox or whom you are not interested in chatting. Alternatively, you can block individual users from sending messages.

Follow the below steps to prevent a user :. These were two of the alternative ways that you can use rather than deleting your. Add Comment. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Ifunny accounts

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How to delete iFunny Permanently ?