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The Kik Messenger app is an awesome way to stay in touch with your friends and make new friends. The free instant messaging platform allows you to not only send and receive text messages in real time, share pictures, video, audio files, send and receive stickers, but also to interact with Kik bots and much more.

However, no app is perfect and there is a chance that, at some point, you might receive spam.

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In this article we will talk about Kik spam: what it is i. One of the main problems with Kik spam or spam more generally is that many people struggle to recognize it or only do so when it is perhaps to late. In most cases, spam will just make you waste some of your time but, sometimes, it can have rather more serious consequences.

We do not mean to alarm you here; our goal is just to make you aware of the different strategies spam uses, and how you can identify it and deal with it swiftly before anything worse happens to you. Being aware of spam so that you can easily recognize it will save you from any bigger problems.

This awareness will only make your experience of using the Kik Messenger app a lot more pleasurable and kik spammer app. It is important to explain that the Kik Messenger app is safe to use. Kik Interactive the company that owns the instant chat app takes the safely and privacy of its users extremely seriously. They make all kinds of efforts to prevent spam from being spread on their app but, inevitable, they cannot stop it always. This is why it is important that, if you come across some spam on Kik Messenger, you should report it as soon as possible.

Later on in this article, we will explain how you can do this. Kik Messenger is very easy to use and everyone over the age of 13 can register with the caveat, of course, that people between 13 and 18 years of age can only do so with the consent of one of their parents or legal guardians.

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This is a great way to ensure that you can always chat to potentially millions of different people from around the world. The downside is that not all of those millions of users will be genuine. There are always users who can harass you and spam s, but in both cases Kik Messenger is there to help you.

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With the passing of time it has become gradually harder to recognize spam. Essentially, though, spam has not really changed it has just become a little bit more sophisticated. When you are being targeted by spam, you are being approached by a bot and not a real person so there are some clues that will help you identify a Kik user as a spam:. Now that you know some tips on how to find out if you are talking to a spam bot you would probably be wondering what you should do if you discovered that you have been targeted by a spam.

It is tempted to just block the bothering you and move on. Indeed many people do just that. But it is strongly advisable that you take a different course of action when it comes to spam bots.

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Instead of simply blocking as you would rightly do when a genuine users would be bothering youyou should report those s as spam. There are two different ways in which you can report an as spam on Kik Messenger. You can do it either from your chats or you can do it from your new chats lists. Both methods are very similar and only require you to take a few easy steps, which we will explain on this section.

So, the first method is to report the spam directly from your chats. This is a great method if, during conversation, you realize that you are chatting to is a spam. If you decide to report them as spam there and then, just follow these steps:.

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The second method allows you to report the spam from the new chats list instead:. The hardest thing about Kik spam is not dealing with it but finding out if it is actually spam or not. If it is a genuine Kik Messenger user bothering this is just as serious but it can be solved by simply blocking him or her.

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That way you would never hear back from them ever again. Blocking a spam is also effective but it may not be the best possible solution.

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If you report them, you will also be effectively blocking them but also you will be letting Kik Interactive know that the in question is spam. That way they will be aware and could take some proper action to get the removed. How do you deal with spam? Do you have any tips about recognizing spam on Kik? If so, do not forget to leave a message in the section below.

Kik spammer app

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