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How do we reconcile the parts of ourselves that seek to command in public spheres with the parts that crave submission in private? When is the last time you thought critically about what turns you on? About the specificity of your arousal, your cravings, the darkest corners of your sexual nature?

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Do you get off on sweat? On skin? On a few dirty phrases whispered in the throes of passion? Do you require total darkness to relax, or stark, naked kink submission A tender kiss on the neck, or a brusquely bitten collarbone? Perhaps and stay with meyou find sexual stimulation in the symbolism of trees? That is, you enjoy having sex in the woods, or require physical contact with plants or foliage in order to climax also known as dendrophilia. Maybe you harbour a secret arousal to stuttering psellismophiliaor the thought of hellfire and damnation stygiophiliaor feel frisky when enveloped in fog nebulophilia.

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Despite all the societal advances towards acceptance of sexual freedoms, fetishism, kink and erotic fantasy still linger in the realms of the conversationally taboo — stories and longings to be shared only with a few like-minded peers or via anonymous reddit thre. A general lack of education in the erotic equates to a fairly primitive sexual vocabulary and, coupled with feelings of vulnerability or shame, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown, creates a perfect storm of silence and secrecy. There is an aspect of the erotic sphere, however, that has managed to manoeuvre its way into the public mindset in the past 10 years, courtesy of E.

Want more? Coming clean on the nuances of our physical humanity kink submission be uncomfortable for many reasons. Related Content.

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