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The material covers every inch of your body, embracing you firmly, binding you, holding you close. Your partner is similarly clothed. When the two of you move against one another, there is no catch, no painful rub, only a smooth, slick slide. With each stroke of their clothed finger, each touch of their rubber-bound lips, your excitement grows. You feel each touch magnified a thousand times, until the sensation is nearly unbearable.

When you finally, finally give yourself over to the ultimate pleasure, you know that the musky sweat of your passion will mix perfectly with the sharp odor of your latex garment. To you and your partner, this is not only good sex, it is the best sex, the truest and most passionate form of sex. It makes you feel warm and safe and held and loved and aroused but most of all fulfilled, complete, so perfectly and intensely you ….

If you find latex kink relatable, arousing, or even a little bit intriguing, you might just have a latex fetish. Why, a latex fetish, of course! Latex fetishes are young, old, gay, straight, bisexual, male, female, genderqueer, transgender, and can be found in every country in the world.

They range from those just discovering latex kink sexuality and exploring their likes for the first time to experienced kinksters who love to share their passion in clubs or at meetups for like-minded individuals. Not to mention, the latex fetish — also called rubberist — community has a reputation of being extremely open, friendly and welcoming to those who share their interests.

From magazines to parties to Internet forums and social media groups, there are practically infinite ways to meet and connect with your fellow fetishists. However, despite its popularity and widespread nature, sources of straightforward, factual information about the fetish and its accompanying latex are surprisingly few and latex kink between. So read on, and us on a fascinating journey through the diverse, widespread world of latex fetishism.

Some examples of common fetishes include attraction to feet, undergarments, spanking, or particularly large or particularly small breasts. Of course, these two elements of the fetish are not mutually exclusive — many people with an interest in latex both like wearing rubber suits and seeing their partners in outfits of their own.

It is also commonly — and incorrectly — assumed that liking to wear latex yourself means that you are sexually submissive, while enjoying it on others indicates that your nature is dominant. There is not necessarily a correlation between how you enjoy latex and your role in sexual encounters. While some individuals identify latex as their only fetish, an attraction to latex or rubber is often found to overlap with a of other sexual interests.

Some folks with an interest in rubber also find that they are aroused by exhibitionism — particularly wearing latex outfits in public. Lastly, latex fetishists might also find that they enjoy bondage, due to the tight, snug feeling of full-body latex garments, erotic asphyxiation, due to the difficulty breathing in latex masks or headgear, or medical play, due to latex being used as a material in tools such as gloves, sheets, underwear or catheters. Of course, having an interest in latex does not mean that you necessarily like or have to like any of the examples mentioned above.

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Latex fetishism can co-exist with any existing kink or sexual desire; there are also those who do not feel they have any particular other fetishes besides their enjoyment of latex. Members of the community also often refer to themselves as rubberists and self-describe as practitioners of the latex lifestyle. In particular, gay men who are interested in latex will sometimes call themselves rubbermen.

Unfortunately, the science and psychology of fetishes are still very new and somewhat slowly developing fields of study. For decades, research into fetishes was held back due to widespread sex-negative attitudes and the ificant amount of misinformation spread within the larger medical and scientific communities. Although in recent years a few studies on the topic of fetishes have been conducted, the amount of information we have on exactly what latex kink fetishes and why particular ones are so widespread is still extremely little.

However, the theories which have currently latex kink put forward are extremely fascinating, and can potentially give some insight into exactly what about latex is so compelling. One prominent theory, put forward by Dr. Michael J.

Bader in his authoritative text, Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies, centers around the idea that fetishes regarding nonliving objects develop when the brain establishes a connection between the object and a part of the human body. For example, a garter or stocking fetish would arise due to their close association with the leg, while a general interest in eyes might gradually shift into a fetish for glasses.

To what part of the human body does latex correlate? The similarities latex kink latex and skin are many — smooth texture, elasticity, and, at least to some fetishes, pleasing or attractive color and scent. Latex is taut and smooth. It is shiny. It is strong. In short, latex, to the mind of a fetishist, may represent the ideal of the perfect skin, and thus be seen as attractive and desirable. Those who enjoy wearing latex themselves might experience feelings of youth and strength, and be able to imagine themselves as their healthiest, best and most perfect self.

Those who enjoy seeing others wearing latex can recognize and experience those qualities in their partner, intensifying their sexual desire for them. Of course, its resemblance to skin is not the only reason which might lead people all around the world to choose to add latex to their sexual play. Wearing latex can also make fetishists feel particularly strong and protected, perhaps even invulnerable. These feelings are theorized to also be a potential source of the fetishes for wearing leather or padded winter garments such as coats or hats.

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Aesthetically, all blemishes or disfigurements are covered up. Physically, the enclosed individual is reminded that the latex is tougher than skin and thus latex kink it as latex kink able to protect them from any harm. Being totally covered in head to toe, for example by a full-body catsuit or gimp suit, can further intensity this feeling.

In addition to security and protection, latex can also give rise to feelings of mystery and anonymity. A person in a full-body latex suit is totally unrecognizable, their identity hidden as even their face is covered and kept from view. This can add elements of adventure and added romance to sexual encounters, as even participants who have been partners for years can pretend that they are playing with a mysterious and seductive stranger.

Lastly, many individuals who enjoy wearing latex have described it as intensifying the sensations that they experience during foreplay and sex. They feel that they are more sensitive to touch when they are covered in their favorite latex garments. A stinging slap sends delicious needles of pleasure-pain racing up and down their body.

Drawn-out foreplay feels even more torturous than usual, leaving them needy and desperate for long minutes or even hours as they build up towards eventual climax. Touch is not the only feeling which can be intensified by wearing latex. Fetishists have also reported that their sensitivity to variations in temperature increases. Many latex-loving couples and groups have chosen to add heat or cold play to their encounter with successful for all involved.

Wearing latex or playing with a rubber-encased partner is a treat for nearly all of the five senses. To the eyeslatex is extremely appealing, with its smooth, shiny appearance and intense solid colors such as deep black or tempting red. And of course, the highlight of this banquet for the senses is touch.

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Skin brushes against something which is not quite skin, and the body beneath shivers in pure pleasure. Flesh touches something impossibly smooth and latex kink and perfect-feeling, causing ecstasy to intensify to ly unknown levels.

The senses are overwhelmed with pleasurable input until all that can be felt is pure, unadulterated sensation… …. I get why people like latex now. But how did it get started? Did this fetish always exist, or did it have a distinct starting point? And these questions bring us to the next step in our journey: a look into the very beginnings of this unique and wonderful fetish.

Humans have been finding uses for rubber and latex for many centuries. The ancient Maya and Olmec people of South America developed the earliest known techniques of harvesting the sticky sap from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis; the resulting rubber played many roles in their latex kink lives. In particular, it is believed that these South American peoples associated rubber with cleanliness and purity, as it was sometimes used to decorate the bodies of human sacrifice. They even played a game with a rubber ball, a precursor to many modern sports — although, unlike today, the defeated team often lost their lives as well as the game!

However, it was not until the 19 th century that rubber began to see widespread use around the world. The spread of latex began with the invention of vulcanization, a process which solidified and hardened the Hevea brasiliensis sap via the addition of chemicals such as sulfur. Vulcanization — named for Vulcan, the Roman god of crafting and the forge — turned latex into a sturdy material with protective properties which were quickly recognized and put to good use.

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Some of the first uses for latex included medical clothing and tools, raincoats and boots. With these products came the first recorded instance of people developing a sexual interest in latex. While the fetish may very well have existed prior to this, such magazines represent its emergence in the public consciousness. At first, the latex fetish was primarily connected to pre-existing garments not initially developed for sexual purposes.

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In addition to the ly mentioned raincoats and boots, fetishists displayed attraction towards wetsuits and surfing gear, Hazmat suits, and medical gloves and gowns. The increased appearance of gas masks during the two World Wars in propaganda, advertisements, and informational pamphlets caused them to become particularly prominent within the rubberist community.

Latex kink

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Into the Rubber World: What is a Latex Fetish?