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The elderly surgeon's voice seemed to echo from between the cheeks of my buttocks. I gulped as his finger forced open my sphincter and went where no man had been before. His Registrar was a hunky young guy named Osbourne. He gripped my shoulders and whispered reasuringly to me. He was so close I could smell his aftershave.

Then the surgeon hit my prostate and sent waves of pleaaure that caused my dick to go rock hard. When I was in college, I shared an apartment with two other eighteen year-olds. Jerry was a farm boy like myself and Mark was a big city boy from Manhattan. Firece competition over the ladies le to us helping each other get off. Jerry and I trade glances as the coach puts us through a thorough exercise program.

Finally we head to the showers together and I know I will get to see him nude. As I was getting out of the shower, someone started knocking on the door. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to the door. When I opened the door, I don't know who was more surprised. There standing at my door was Mark, dressed in a very tight pair of jeans and a muscle shirt. I had been lusting over him in my jack off dreams for months. He is smooth from his neck down. I sat male anal sex stories my feet up, fiddling with the stethoscope around my neck, waiting for my last appointment before the surgery closed.

I was only thirty years old and in this profession that was as inexperienced as you can get, only two years since I'd achieved my qualifications and since then I'd been working under the guidance of Dr Falls. The patients were happy and I was growing in confidence. In order to participate in sports, a physical was necessary.

A local doc posted a notice on the bulletin board offering free sports physicals for students. He did physicals in groups, so that many could be done in a short time, after his usual office hours. I was at work awaiting my first patient. You see this was going to be my new business as a masseuse.

A man walked in the front entrance and introduced himself to the receptionist. Doctor Michaels will be with you shortly. I was 18 and he was 19, a tough biker kid, who had popped my ass cherry and taught me to love it up the ass, as well as sucking his cock. His hands clenched my round smooth ass cheeks as he jammed himself into me, grunting as he came. It was the second time he'd fucked me that afternoon, we were teens. Right after we are caught by a local town cop, Officer Ricky. He had all the money and all the power. He could see for himself that white teenage boys his own age had smooth fair skin, with soft whiffs of blond and brown hair on their body.

Their skin flushed red on winter cold days and developed a healthy tan under the summer sun. Set male anal sex stories their blue eyes and blond hair white boys were exceedingly colorful to him. Jerome longed to be close to them. They paid the expenses so what did I have to loose. I packed everything that I owned in a '72 Chevelle that shows how much I owned and headed south! I arrived two days later at the apartment my company had arranged for me.

It was like a scene from Paradise Island. I will say that he is in his early thirties, married, and bi, and described himself as being about 5'7" or so, maybe pounds, brown-haired, hairy-chested and fairly well-hung. The sleek black machine sped along the macadam, hugging the tight curves and cruising over the long straight-a-ways.

My destination? I was on my own; free. No questions to answer; no explanations to make up; no strings attached. There were no regrets. A few happy moments to remember.

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I looked at my watch: right on time. The Hunk made his way to the men's locker room in several long strides, bouncing on every step as if he had springs in the soles of his sneakers. They were nice, squeezable melons, attached to one hot looking dude by the name of Mike. Real careful. I really wanted to have sex with a black guy, but I never had the opportunity. I hang with black guys, but they are all straight.

I love cock.

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I met Leon through these same friends of mine at a barbecue. He was somehow related to one the guys I male anal sex stories out with. He was six foot two and weighed about lbs. He was very built and had dre in his hair which was a major turn on. Some rams ignore the female sheep and like to hump other rams. Big dogs do it to little dogs and sometimes even the other way around.

It is usually a of dominance; for one male to show dominance over another. With that knowledge it would be no surprise to know that homosexuality exists in the world where humans and animals are combined. There were many other men there besides him. His head was pounding, his arms and legs were sore and the wounds from fighting with Aranoble's guard still echoed over his chest, back and neck.

It hadn't been a good night. Groaning, the young man sat up and rubbed his long expanse of soft, brown hair out of his eyes. I am secretly gay, but am too scared to tell anyone, as our society today would basically pummel me if I was to come out. So my fantasies stay to myself, and I talk to no one. I'm a very quiet kid, lots of friends, surprisingly mostly girls, but I'm majorly in love with two of my best guy friends.

Greg and Matt. Greg is a junior, pounds, 6' or so.

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Well that's where the fun started. The cock shook and trembled. It spat out a stream of white.

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The jizzlet flew through the air to land with a heavy splotch on the blond man's left cheekbone. The cock pulsed once again. It curled up over his cheek, across his pert nose, and into the socket of his eye. The sperm approached Now I was about to shower in one of the locker rooms at work.

I was conscious of my less than buff body. I'm not a blob, but I do have a little gut, and my buns while they're attractive enough and firm, they aren't rock solid. I was also the only black guy there, making me feel extra self-conscious. As I undressed, glancing around as subtly as possible, fighting off an erection. Normally, I would have been relaxed and spent after a month in the city of Miami, but this time I had spent the entire time with family.

That meant no chance of any time on my own. What a drag! Well, I'd gotten home to my apartment late on a Thursday night and fell right into bed. The next morning, I woke with a raging hardon and full balls that were begging for release. Since there were four girls and five boys, I ended up being the one ased to a room with a stranger. He was called Male anal sex stories, and he was the hottest thing I had ever seen. We spent the first hour until the evening meal just chatting and settling in.

He told me about his girlfriend, Victoria, and how she was in the next room, but they weren't allowed to share due to conference rules. So I packed my stuff up and left for my uncles house. I was walking about an hour and a half making great time when a trucker pulled ahead of me and asked me if I wanted a lift.

So I asked him where he was going and his answer was close to my uncles house only about a mile away. So I accepted his offer and hope in. We made small talk for the first couple of miles.

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