Married sex confessions

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My name is Vishwas Sen. I have always preferred loyalty in all my relationships. I hate it if someone breaks my trust. I completed my engineering and ed a reputed firm. I slogged hard and made money. I began dating a colleague. Our relationship was going fine with minor hiccups.

However, I always felt a void in my life. The workload and the fast pace of life did not allure me anymore. I desperately craved for some peace. I wanted to do something different.

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One fine day, I got a call from my college. There was a vacant position for Assistant Professor. The switch from corporate to teaching was not easy, but I decided to take a plunge. I broke up with the girl, whom I was dating. My parents, especially my father, was apprehensive about my decision. After multiple reassurances, he was on the married sex confessions. Taking their blessings, I started my new endeavour.

My college had changed a lot since I moved out. I began my lectures. The first week was a bit challenging, but slowly I began enjoying the company of my students. As I taught, I learnt a lot. I developed a respect for my teachers. I felt bad for making fun of them. I was unaware that my life was going to change soon. I had seen Richa when I ed. She taught mathematics. Something about her was different.

Richa was 7 years older and a married woman with 3. I found her charming. She was witty and caring. Students also loved her. They flocked to her when in distress. She was their friend, philosopher and guide. I was falling for her. Every night she invaded my dreams. Her sweet voice and dimples made me go weak in my knees. I knew it was wrong to fancy a married woman, but I could not control myself. I was drawn towards this ethereal beauty just like a moth is drawn to a flame. We always met at cafeteria during lunch break.

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I enjoyed the 30 minutes with her. Every day, I used to wait for those few moments of bliss. We touched upon various topics while we were having lunch. Richa was knowledgable and well read. Soon our discussions turned into exchanging of phone s. We began texting each other. She told me that she needed this job as her family had been through a financial crisis. Our relationship was slowly growing.

I knew that she was also getting attracted. One day, she came to my apartment to pick up a book. I could not resist anymore and kissed her. Our tongues were intertwined. I saw a sparkle in her eyes. Suddenly she came to her senses. She broke the kiss and ran away. What we did was wrong, but love makes you do crazy stuff.

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I did not see her for the next two weeks. The peon told me that she had applied for a sick leave. My heart was now like a deflated balloon. Soon the examinations started. All of us got busy in evaluations. I immediately ushered her inside. Our first kiss was still fresh in my mind. She enveloped me in a hug.

I did not know how to react, but I embraced her. I needed her. She was my poison. This time, she initiated the kiss. I saw a twinkle in her eyes when our tongues were entangled. She slowly married sex confessions my clothes. I was turned on.

We made passionate love that night. Whenever she was free, she would come to my apartment. We talked, cooked and had fabulous sex. Our love was blossoming. I had fallen for an older woman. I did not go to meet my parents. I lied to them. I was creating an oasis with Richa. Richa's husband was a gentleman. He did not deserve this but love is weird. I had no intentions of loving a married woman or destroying her family. Sometimes, right and wrong becomes amorphous in love.

I am at the precipice in this relationship. I don't know what will happen next. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Momspresso. Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them. Mark all as read. Articles Bookmark Settings. Share Article.

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Married sex confessions

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