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Talking about teratophilia, or monster fetish, is tricky territory. There are two ways to define it, that are two distinct kinks. But it gets complicated when the two converge into one, as they do for many. Teratophilia is when people are sexually attracted to monsters. You know, aliens, King Kong, Nessie from the Loch—fictional, paranormal, and other non-human figments of our anthropomorphic imagination. There are general and specific sub of the monster fetish. It could get specific—some folks want to be ravished by an octopus tentacle or Bigfoot and no one else.

Teratophilia also refers to an attraction to human monsters. This gets ugly, quite literally, because monster fetish is dehumanizing to call someone a monster or see them as ugly. But some folks experience sexual desire for ugly people with extreme deformities or disabilities, like burn victims, amputeesor people born with disfigurement. We might love someone who survives a fire because she is a great person. For monster fetish teratophiliac, the deformity or injury is key to their attraction.

These two separate fetishes monster fetish and ugly people fetishthat share a name actually converge for many people. They feel attraction to fictional monsters, and to human people with major challenges. To the mainstream that does not share their fetish, the monster kink can seem strange. But it actually has a long history and has a more widely popular appeal than it appears on the surface. The fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is the perfect example. The TV series was huge, and the beast character was a massive sex symbol! Bigfoot erotica is also widespread.

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Pulp novels, cinema, and comics featuring hybrid man-animals and beautiful damsels were hot in the 70s and have never lost their thrill. Cryptozoological erotica is a genre of monster fetish own. Some of it is self-published for a small audience, but some is wildly appealing to huge audiences. It was a romance between a woman and a monster. So many women fell in love with this fictional, but humanoid amphibious man that a dildo company made and sold supposed replicas of his genitalia!

Most explicit and specific fetishes are mostly male with a smaller percentage of female enthusiasts. But teratophilia in both of its manifestations is largely female.

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Sure, guys love to read about mountain beasts chasing beautiful women. But the half-man half-beast thing has a lot of ladies in dreamtime.

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Think about the film Splicewhere Adrien Brody mates with the hybrid angel-human-monster Dren. How many men are fantasizing about her today?

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Not too many. Some psychologists point to simple escapism to explain the phenomenon. Some say women are empathic and nurturing, and misunderstood monsters bring out those qualities, as do humans who have suffered disfiguring traumas or diseases.

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Some speculate that women who have been hurt by real men feel freer to experience sexual pleasure on their own fantasy terms. They feel simply that they see beauty and sexuality beyond the constraints monster fetish society. Get Kinky Mail! Subscribe to Kink Lovers Now.

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