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It might be awkward at first, but opening up about your needs and desires can transform your relationship. S ex is a life-affirming act, one of the most intimate things you can do with another person. But talking about it? So much harder. For example, someone with low desire may have been harbouring 20 years of resentment about something else.

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Is talking about sex ever a bad idea? So where do you start? Here are some tips on how to make your sex talk as helpful, productive and enjoyable as you can. This will help build trust and intimacy. People find it hard to share their sexual fantasies — in fact, only half of us have, says Lehmiller, who surveyed more than 4, people for his book, Tell Me What You Want.

Sharing our fantasies — whether we act on them or not — is an easy way to introduce novelty into our sex lives. And simply expressing them may be arousing enough. Break the ice: watch an erotic film, have some wine — find something that gets the ball rolling. It removes performance anxiety, which is really distracting. If you own your experience in this way, she says, it makes it harder to criticise the other person.

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Always say something positive — something your partner has done that you like, say — before you say something bad, says the FPA this applies to non-sex conversations too. It gives the other person useful feedback, as opposed to feeling nagged. How do you achieve this?

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Try to put yourself in their shoes, she says. We are hardwired to think that our reality is the only one, and that other perspectives are wrong. Sex and intimacy: a user's guide Sex. Hannah Booth. Reuse this content.

My sex chat

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