My teacher took my virginity

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This was the day, the day when I leave all of my friends, family and my pets to go pursue my dream career. Believe me or not studying law has not only been my dream but also my whole circle of close ones. My dad always inspired me to pursue something that not only praised in my native place but wherever I go people should respect me.

This was the first time I am leaving India for a long period of time.

My School offered me scholarship to study in U. After my mom died in a car accident, my sister took care of me like a mother, I was only 12 years old then, she was 5 years older than me. I missed her after 5 years too, she had a greater impact on me, but I was sure about one thing that she always encouraged me to go abroad she always said that I had a greater opportunity there, that I would ace everything.

I accepted the scholarship as my sister said, she was married for a year now, and I was very fond of my brother-in-law. I convinced my dad that staying alone would be great and I will definitely visit him during weekends. My airplane was scheduled at 10 p.

Our family had a heritage of being more than punctual; we will be early like an hour or two early. I mostly my teacher took my virginity my afternoon crying, my dad promised me that he will for sure come to visit me once in a month although I knew that he would not be able to keep up his promise, but his words gave me whole new strength. After a long 21hr flight I reached Philadelphia, it was in the morning, I have crossed like major time zones, now in India the time would be around 7 in the night. The minute I stepped down I felt like I was being hit by a tsunami of feelings. The feeling that I missed my family, the anger I felt towards myself for not turning down the scholarship, and the intake of darkness that I was in a new city which I visited like 2 times before, I was scared and I could not help the tears forming in my eyes, I ran to the nearest restroom and cried my heart out, and made myself a promise that I should not feel bad for my decision instead I should take this as my opportunity to take in the cultural diversity and many other things which are new compared to India.

Ashley : I'm a werewolf story freak! It's a Lovely story. Vinnie: I absolutely loved this story, I've been reading it for the past few days and I just couldn't get enough. It feels like a classic novel about a girl in the 19th century, not something that and a newbie wrote.

There were some grammatical errors but otherwise, loved it! I really hope to see a seque Whitney: I think I almost lost it when I read that Mandi was pregnant! Cris Tina: I would love a bit of backstop to Gerald but that is utterly up to you. I he is a lot of fun. All side characters are fun! Susan Rider: I liked all books so far. But I wish they were a little longer. But lots of fun.

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Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Awesome read thank you for sharing your story with me. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Chapter 1 parting. Chapters 1.

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My teacher took my virginity

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My teacher took my virginity, says boy, aged 15