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The My Naughty Little Sister stories are set in a time before television, when children could play safely in the streets and when fathers went out to work and mothers were the primary caregivers. My Naughty Little Sister lives with her mother and father and her older sister. She has a best friend, Bad Harry, who is often as naughty as she is, and she also has a particularly mynaughtystory relationship with mynaughtystory neighbour, Mrs Cocoa Jones, so named because My Naughty Little Sister goes next door to drink hot chocolate for elevenses.

I still have the book which is now very battered and has yellow s.

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Published in the s it includes twenty stories and cost just 25p but sadly there is no recognition of Shirley Hughes as the illustrator on the cover. While the other guests are playing games My Naughty Little Sister and Harry decide to taste the trifle….

One of our most cherished charity shop finds is the My Naughty Little Sister Storybook which is now out of print but also includes several of the stories from our other book. Mynaughtystory Hughes is prominently credited on the cover and the illustrations in this edition are in full colour. Our favourite stories are My Naughty Little Sister and the Workmen, the workmen laying pipes in the street are not very happy when the two children play with their lunch, and we love The Cross Photograph which gives an insight into how photos were taken before the invention of digital cameras.

We often listen to Jan Francis reading the stories on long car journeys. The stories all include scenarios and experiences that mynaughtystory be familiar to children which and despite being written over fifty years ago they have stood the test of time.

My Naughty Little Sister visits the pantomime, goes to the dentist with a wobbly tooth, gets lost at the fair, learns to knit and mynaughtystory gets rather carried away with a pair of scissors and some lovely shiny material.

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She found them entertaining and funny although sometimes the bad behaviour shocked her too! These books sound like they could have been written about my youngest daughter lol. Thanks for sharing with readwithme.

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You definitely should! That top one looks like the editions I remember. I only owned one, but read most of the others from the library. Loved them readwithme.

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Oh my goodness — you brought back some very fond reading memories from my childhood. I loved What Katy Did and it will be time for us to start reading the Katy books soon too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane x. But I think both of my brothers would probably say that this was me!

I loved reading these to my daughter! Did you read Mynaughtystory Naughty Little Sister as ? Do you have a favourite story?

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The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. Enjoyed this? Related posts. I read them all when I was younger too but we still only own these copies. Thanks ever so much for sharing with MMBC. Enjoy the rest of your week. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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My Naughty Little Sister: 25 Favourite Stories