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Kik is going through growing pains. Little more than five months after it passed the million user markthe Canadian-bred cross-platform messaging app now sits at million, and is addingnew users each day.

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The popularity comes with a price: like the fast-growing communication services that have come before it, Kik has a bit of a spam problem. But unlike, say, Twitter, which has features to make such spam easy to ignore, Kik places it directly in the chat window.

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So much so that both the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and Albertan Internet Child Exploitation unit issued explicit message warnings to parents after a particularly nasty spambot attack. Within the New Chats window, any images sent by new connections — including profile pics — are blurred until a user chooses to view them or engage in chat.

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In addition, all unwanted conversations in the New Chats window can be cleared with a simple button press. Much like FoursquareKik must walk a delicate balance between what makes it so compelling and the consequences of that success. Placing control in the hands of its users is a smart step towards that balance.

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Kik beefs up privacy controls in new version to keep out bad actors