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When I began college inbeing able to survive financially meant either A having rich parents, B surviving off scholarships, C falling into bottomless debt, or D getting a part-time job. For me, this came down to blowing all of my scholarship money my freshman year, and then turning to waitressing at Mexican restaurants so I could afford to feed myself. My diet became 80 percent Mexican food, which I now realize is not the best weight loss strategy. Eight years later, the internet and a growing of applications have created a limitless of ways for students to make money online, without having to ever leave their beds.

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So long to the days of having to physically go to work, because who wants to do that? When beginning to search for digital gigs that require little effort but that offer great financial reward, more and more college-age students are jumping on the sugar baby bandwagon. Why do in person what you can do from your phone, right? Me after successfully kill my sugar daddy and obtain his will pic.

Basically, being a digitally exclusive sugar baby means that these college students will either find a sugar daddy or mommy on their own, they will be found by one, or they can be matched using one of the many online sugar dating applications. Must be nice. And again, I say: where can I find these rich benefactors who will FaceTime me for cash? It makes sense that, in an age where online dating is ever-popular, that people would want their communication to happen online, too. Fittingly, Instagram has become a go-to platform to find and become a sugar baby.

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RT if you need a sugar daddy like this?? Using this hashtag search strategy, I stumbled across the Instagram of Quyen Bui, better known as chinkybutkinky on Instagram. This UMass Lowell student gets straight to the point with her PayPal information and Snapchat handle already in her bio. A post shared by Quyen Bui? So, this begs the question, do digital sugar babies have to market themselves as sexual? According to Bui, each digital sugar baby makes his or her own rules. For her, there are five:.

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Easy savings for college. Knowing this, I would argue that being a sugar baby is hella easier than wiping down tables, serving chips and salsa, and dealing with customers, period. Sugar Baby University? me up.

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