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-up for the 3 Day Free Trial. Dani starts talking about Nick Starcevic from her BB8 season.

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Dani asks Jordan and Rachel who the worst duo for them would be to see when they came into the house? Jordan says that she knew Dick was coming because Dick called Jeff before the show. Rachel says she had no clue which duos were coming.

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. Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial. He took her out on a first date to a restaurant and she ordered a salad but asked the waitress if she could have extra croissants on top.

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The waitress asks her if she means croutons. Follow BigBspoilers and Dawgsbigbrother on Twitter for recent crazed out spoilers. There is also a Facebook. Adam tells Keith that he should just relax and see what happens at the POV ceremony.

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Cassi asks her where her mind is at POrsche or Keith. Kalia says she wants to vote with the house. Kalia mentions that Keith has been self destructing for the past couple days. Kalia says he would of been the worlds worst matchmaker. Adam s them. Rachel recommends that Keith go talk to Kalia because her feelings are hurt to.

Rachel leave to get Kalia. Dom brings up the conversation he had in the candy room with Rachel and Rachel was starting to think that maybe using the POV is the right thing. Cassi thinks that maybe Keith has started to make deals to save himself. CAssi brings them up to speed with Jeff wanting to meet with her and Shelly. Brendon says no. Dani reminds them that the other side has the s porsche briggs nude a big way.

Jeff wants to pull in Shelly and Cassi. His plan is if the newbs win HOH get them to put kalia and lawon up with the thought that everyone is taking kalia out then take lawon out instead. Jordan says she worried about Dom he talks about backdooring alot. Dominic says because if I did that I would make enemies with more than half the house. Dominic asks Jeff and Jordan where their loyalties lie… obviously with each other but who else. Jordan says that they are watching to see who is just trying to switch to where ever the power is… Jeff says that no one porsche briggs nude even gone home yet.

You have to get to the final 8 to find out how things go. Jeff says dude, there is no your side. Jeff says you need to get a grip of whats going on … you dont think that we know all your little talks and scheming. Jordan says that once you feel safe. Cassi asks Brendon who they are thinking of voting out… Keith? Cassi says that Porsche is running around going back and forth between both sides.

Adam starts talking about how much he loves Shelly and Brendon talk about her husband.

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Brendon and Rachel talk to Shelly about having children at a later stage in life. Brendon tells Rachel to soak it all in … They talk about how expensive it is and how once you have you need to make time for each other. Rachel gets called to the diary room, and soon after Shelly gets called in.

Watch the first few days of for Porsche briggs nude Lawon and Dani are laughing and talking about last night. Yelling and dancing Big Booty, Big booty!! Most everyone is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Porsche then he into the candy room and gets ready while talking to Jeff and Jordan. Keith asks Brendon where Rachel is? Keith tells Brendon that he wants to talk to her. Brendon says we have all day. Keith starts explaining to Brendon about his blow up the other night and why he did what he did.

Porsche is outside the door listening in on their conversation. Keith is telling Brendon that he did it to see who the mole was and who they could trust.

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Keith says that Kalia needs to go and that Porsche and I can be trusted. Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial pm Backyard Keith and Adam Keith thinks Cassi and Dom have cut a deal with the vet because they seem to be the only ones not stressing about being put up and Dom and Cassi spend so much time together.

Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial pm backyard near pool, cassi, lawon and Dom They are going over where the house is going to vote.

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