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We cannot guarantee that the will display qeefing in your browser. Please visit us from Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox. It can happen to us all, embarrassing moments in the bedroom can come out of almost nowhere. Although some you may feel you have complete control over - like ensuring you are wearing your favourite underwear before you even get to the bedroom for example - others you may not have so much say on. Queefing, or fanny farts, may just be one of those things. Sure, you may be completely secure with your fanny farts, it is after all completely natural.

But, for some, it may be qeefing real cause of embarrassment or anxiety. A fanny fart - or a queef - is a fart-like sound emitted from the vagina, usually during penetrative sex it can also be caused using a sex toy and other activities.

Queefing is also known as vaginal gas or vaginal flatulence and is caused by a build up of air inside the vagina. Put very simply, queefing is caused by air becoming trapped inside the vagina and is not confined to sex alone. You may experience fanny farts during a of activities including exercise or stretching. Essentially, through certain activities, air can become trapped inside the vagina, and the fart sound, or queef, occurs when the air is pushed back out. The fart sound is caused by the air passing between the opening of the vagina or, in the case of queefing happening during sex, when the air passes between qeefing outside of the vaginal opening and your partners penis.

In rare cases, queefing could be indicative of the presence of a vaginal fistula however, if you have a vaginal fistula, you would likely be experiencing other symptoms besides frequent queefing. A vaginal fistula is defined as an abnormal opening or tunnel that connects the vagina qeefing another organ such as the colon or rectum.

Symptoms of a vaginal fistula can include the following:. It is important to remember that most queefing is completely normal and not indicative of something serious.

The amount of queefing you experience is dependent on your own vagina. Each vagina is unique, meaning that some women may experience regular queefing, whereas other women may experience it occasionally or never at all.

If you are concerned about fanny farts during sex, you may find that some positions cause it more often than others. For example, you may experience queefing a lot when receiving penetrative sex in the doggy position however, with the missionary qeefing you may not experience queefing all that often. Unlike the glorified versions of sex we see in movies, Qeefing and, pornography, sex in real life is much more natural.

If you are someone that finds they are prone to queefing and you are anxious about it happening mid-sex, then why not let your partner know about your anxieties. Worried about it happening on a first date?

You might not be comfortable qeefing it with a partner so be sure to try out our prevention techniques. Still a little anxious? Stick on some music before you get into qeefing with your partner. Head over to our Explore Sex blog to about all things sex.

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What Is A Fanny Fart? Queefing Explained