Random peoples kik

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Sometimes I get random new messages from people on kik and I'm confused as to how they even know my username. And it's not from my contacts cuz it's random people I've never heard of. Share Facebook.

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How can random people message you on kik? Add Opinion.

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BasicFlake Yoda. It's a form of fishing. It could even be based on random username generation, a bit like a brute force hack. The unsolicited messages are almost always imposters pretending to be someone else.

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It's quite easy. One way is to simply guess a name. The other is to do a search on KIK, starting with a single letter and building up from there until you get a random hit. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why do random people message me on my kik?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Is your username common?

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Like have you used it with other things? That could be why. I am unsure the "how" but just like anything in today's world with technology you can find pretty much anything online. Sometimes KiK gives out random peoples usernames. Soulfly9 Xper 4. Sometimes they're bots. But you can find random people with apps built into kik. CheerGirl Guru. So what's your Kik address Related myTakes.

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Random peoples kik

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