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Safe Mode is a diagnostic startup mode in Windows operating systems that's used as a safemoby to gain limited access to Windows when the operating system won't start normally. Normal Modethen, is the opposite of Safe Safemoby in that it starts Windows in its typical manner. The term Safe Mode also refers to a limited startup mode for software programs like clientsweb browsers, and others. While in Safe Mode, the Desktop background is replaced with a solid black color with the words Safe Mode at all four corners. The top of the screen also shows the current Windows build and service pack level.

If you are able to start Windows normally but would like to start in Safe Mode for some reason, a really easy way is to make changes in System Configuration. If neither of the Safe Mode access methods mentioned above work, you can force Windows to restart in Safe Mode. For the most part, Safe Mode is used just like you use Windows normally. The only exception to using Windows in Safe Mode as you would otherwise is that certain parts of the OS may not function or may not work as quickly as you're used to. For safemoby, if you start Windows in Safe Mode and want to roll back a driver or update a driver safemoby, you'd do that just as you would do when using Windows normally.

It's also possible to scan for malwareuninstall programsuse System Restoreetc. There are actually three different Safe Mode options available. Deciding which Safe Mode option to use depends on the problem you're having. Here are descriptions of all three and when to use which:.

Safe Mode starts Windows with the absolute minimum drivers and services that are possible to start the operating system. Choose Safe Mode if you can't access Windows normally and you do not expect to need access to the internet or your local network. Safe Mode with Networking starts Windows with the same set of drivers and services as Safe Mode but safemoby includes those necessary for the networking services to function.

Choose Safe Mode with Networking for the same reasons you'd chose Safe Mode but when you do expect to need access to your network or the internet. This Safe Mode option is often used when Windows won't start and you suspect you'll need access to the internet to download drivers, follow a troubleshooting guide, etc.

As mentioned above, Safe Mode is safemoby the term for starting any program in a mode that uses default settings, for the purpose of diagnosing what could be causing problems. It functions much like Safe Mode in Windows. The idea is that when the program starts with its default settings only, it's more likely to start without issues and let you further troubleshoot the problem.

What typically happens is that once the program begins without loading custom settings, modifications, add-ons, extensions, etc. Some smartphones, like Androidcan be started in Safe Mode, too. You should check your specific phone's manual since it's usually not obvious how to do it. Some might have you press and hold the menu button while the phone starts, or maybe both the volume up and safemoby down keys. Some phones make you hold down the power off option to reveal the Safe Mode switch.

It's activated by holding down the Shift key while powering on the computer. You can also use Microsoft Outlook in safe mode. Doing that disables Reading Pane, extensions, and some custom settings so that you can troubleshoot what's preventing Outlook from starting normally.

The Thunderbird client has a similar function. The Firefox web browser is another example of a program that can be started in safe mode for troubleshooting purposes. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select safemoby content. Create a personalised content profile. Measure ad performance. Select basic .

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