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Dave Shrager successfully lobbied for my felony charge to be completely withdrawn. His services were worth every dime.

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A highly personable, intelligent, and competent attorney, I would recommend Dave Shrager to my closest friends and family without hesitation. Not only are you an excellent attorney, but a good person who truly cared about me and always did your best to help me. I am so grateful for being given a second chance. I cannot say thank you enough to David Shrager for all his help today! If it were not for this guy, I would no longer have a job or drivers.

So thanks again Dave, you're the best! It is very simple to take pictures sexting videos with personal cell phone devices and in the next instant text them, them, or even post them online or distribute them through social media like Instagram or Facebook. Sexting without the approval of the person in the photos or video is illegal. Sexting with or without the approval of a minor is illegal.

Any adult who sends photos of their private body parts to a minor, or asks other teenagers or children to do the same, is committing a crime that could be punishable by the same penalties as sex offender. Convicted sex offenders can face a lifetime of humiliation sexting being released from prison by being forced to register as a sex offender in their jurisdiction.

The national sex offender registry is publicly available information. If you have been arrested or charged with sexting it is important to speak with an experienced and reputable Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer immediately for a free consultation. Because sexting and cyberbullying have led a few teenagers to commit suicide, prosecutors do not waste any time or resources in attempts to find the defendant guilty. InPennsylvania passed a law that made sexting a misdemeanor or summary offense for teenagers.

The law was said to make it less likely that a teenager be charged for a felony for child pornography. We all make mistakes and certainly this is even truer for teenagers today whose brains are not fully developed and who have the instantaneous power of the Internet and social media to make bad decisions very quickly. This law makes it a crime for the teenager who received the text or to possess the communication, even though he or she may not have asked for it to be sent to them. This law does not apply for more serious sex offenses, such as images taken or distributed for commercial purposes, or images of more intense sexual acts, such as intercourse, penetration, or masturbation.

These crimes are punishable under stricter laws. Diversionary programs do exist, which will send the teenager to an educational program on the dangers and consequences of sexting, but you have to be accepted into this program. If the accused offender is over 18 years of age, there are more serious consequences, even for first time offenders, if convicted.

Depending on the circumstances, sexting person could be charged with sexual exploitation ofluringor child pornography.

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People convicted of child pornography and other obscene child offenses in Pennsylvania are required to register as sex offenders in each jurisdiction they live, work or go to school, in some cases, every three months for the rest of their lives. This information is publicly available on a website.

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Failure to register as a sex offender is a felony and can lead to prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. If you are an adult and have been accused of sending pornographic images of your self to an uninterested party, you may be charged with online sexual harassment or online stalking.

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Sexting could also be prosecuted as a federal crime. It is also a federal crime to use a computer to ship, transport, receive, distribute, or reproduce for distribution child pornography or to solicit pornographic images of children. At Shrager Defense Attorneyswe are experienced sexting defense lawyers in Pittsburgh who will pull every stop to win your case and defend your rights or the rights sexting your.

We are aggressive in developing a sound strategy as well as thorough in investigating the evidence and legal process that led to the sexting charge. Sexting, luring children and child pornography are serious charges that come with severe penalties that will affect your future or the future of your. Alleged sex offenders and their families often struggle with embarrassment along with the stress of facing punishment, prison time and the negative stigma that comes with being a sex offender.

Attorney Shrager is a very compassionate attorney who treats all his clients with dignity and understanding. He can help you understand your rights and prepare a sound legal case.

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He will do everything to aggressively fight for your rights, your freedom and your future. Shrager today — Speak directly with Pittsburgh Attorney Shrager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shrager Defense Attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA will attack your criminal charges in order to protect your good name. Have a sound and solid case prepared by David J. Shrager and his legal team so they can fight for your rights. If you have been charged with, or think you may be charged with, any of the following sexual offenses, call Attorney Shrager immediately for a free consultation:.

Shrager, Esq. Shelley Duff, Esq. Lyle Dresbold, Esq. Jennifer Popovich, Esq. Cory Ricci, Esq. Donald I. The PA Sexting Law makes it illegal to: Transmit, distribute, or share an electronic communication such as a text message, instant message, containing a nude image of him or herself or any other person age 12 or older, but younger than 18, or Possess a nude photo of another person between sexting ages of 12 and All rights reserved.


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Arizona Laws on Sexting by Teens and Minors