Sexy secretary role play

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Every now and then, you must spruce up your time between the sheets by looking out for various exciting new techniques. They advise that maintaining a spicy sex life with a long-term partner is possible when we step out of our comfort zones. What can be more exciting and safe than roleplay sex? Whether you are a novice or planning to the bandwagon, here are some roleplay ideas to kink it up in bed. One of you can play the secretary and the other one be the boss. Customise the act by deciding on a plot. Who seduces whom?

Will the sexy secretary seduce the stressed-out boss? Or the cunning boss will order special favours from the docile secretary? Sex on or against a table, on the chair, etc.

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Oh, the perfect hospitality scenario… Give each other a massage to remember! While at it let your hands wander and touch the hot spots, almost innocently. Allow the tension to build up and your hands to wander further. Is your patient ready for a thorough physical? If he disobeys, tie him to the bed-post and take over completely! Barge into the room to catch the thief who is about to get punished. If you ever fantasised about being a dominatrix, here is your golden chance.

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Rough sex is bound to follow next! This may seem like a secretary and boss roleplay but the props used are different. Related Posts. Weekly Horoscope. Aries 20 Mar - 20 Apr. Taurus 20 Apr - 21 May. Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun. Cancer 21 Jun - 23 Jul. Leo 23 Jul - 23 Aug. Virgo 23 Aug - 23 Sep. Libra 23 Sep - 23 Oct. Scorpio 23 Oct - 22 Nov.

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Role Playing With Your Man In The Bedroom